The literary tradition of let's play

How do you write one of these. What are the genre’s conventions? I’ve only watched let’s plays on youtube, Im baby.

like this!

please come back @cypsiman2 i need to know what happens


miss paladins quest guy so much honestly. I read that thread on my break at work so many times

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oh wow I’ll give this a read. seems like a pretty fun writing project tbh!

i keep meaning to start an SMT1 let’s play but i can never decide on what to name the characters so i give up

Easily solved with a forum poll.

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Man I did one of these on this very site for DROD with no prior experience and by the end of it I still had no idea what I was doing. I suggest just including a lot of screenshots. Gifs are like text LP’s CGI so if you can manage those then the flash will hopefully blind the suckers reading to how thin everything else is.


Oh geez, I’ve been so busy with things, I’ve completely let the Paladin’s Quest LP slip by! Well, its too late for me to do a post today, but I will resume it tomorrow!


thank you!!!

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This is the most exciting videogame news anyone has posted in a while!!!

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