The Hosono House


Walking through the door to the subterranean shore
I follow the peacocks as they sing
in pleocene

This is a thread for the man himself, HARUOMI HOSONO! The bassist for Yellow Magic Orchestra, and a brilliant solo artist in his own right.

Hosono started with a bunch of folk and exotica albums. Chill out with his early folky album Hosono House:

or go wild with:

Paraiso is the last of his “exotica trilogy” of albums from the 70’s and it is weird as all hell! Hosono absorbed the US’s exotica craze of the 50’s and 60’s, where imaginative white men dreamed of relaxing on the shores of far off lands… including Japan! Hosono digested all this stuff and regurgitated a new jumbled up, synthesizer-laden version of it from the perspective of a Japanese man in 1978.

Coming Up Next: Hosono’s synthpop side!


Now this is the stuff that I really love, Hosono’s innovative electronic and synthpop albums.

Philharmony is my favorite Hosono album. It follows a structure quite similar to Brian Eno’s Another Green World: a few silly but beautiful pop songs are floating suspended in shorter ambient experimental pieces. The stupendous album cover is a perfect representation of the music; this is the sound of the wandering daydreams of a salaryman gazing out the window of the morning train to work.

Philharmony contains perhaps the catchiest song Hosono ever wrote, Sports Men:

My other favorite synthpop album of Hosono’s is Omni Sight Seeing:

This album is all over the place in style. It’s Hosono’s take on “world” music from more cultures than I can name. This album is a journey across the earth and deep into the ocean. It ends with my favorite Hosono song, which I quoted in the OP:

This song is so gorgeous. Never have peacock calls been used so well in pop music.

Have an ARP string, bubbly wah pedal bass and Moog vacation


i missed this, prolly shoulda gone

but i don’t really like venues as large as the barb


i’ve been digesting his discography the last few days

this is a collab but the whole album is so incredible


pacific is amazing but i think my favorite is COCHIN MOON

no full album on youtube so heres a song from it

weirdo buzzing sounds and drifts into soundtrack stuff with typical hosono exotica thrown in

also this one, “watering a flower”

which apparently is literal mall music but fuck it makes me want to hug someone not buy some shit harry


So I just started looking into Miharu Koshi. Hosono produced a bunch of her albums in the 80’s and it’s turns out… they are pop masterpieces.

Listen to this song and thrill at hearing a direct ancestor of Earthbound’s bass-heavy battle music!

Get buttoned up with this album’s unique, stately blend of classical music and 80’s synthpop!

Go straight into some old fashioned off-kilter synthpop with one of her most popular records!


this whole hosono kick you’ve put me on is just too much ilu bb

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I’ve put myself on a major Hosono kick too. I’ve enjoyed Philharmony and Omni Sight Seeing for a while, but I’m only now really diving into the rest of his work.

I was spurred on by this upcoming vinyl reissue of a bunch of his best albums:

I preordered the Philharmony/Omni Sight Seeing/Paraiso bundle and I am pumped to actually own this stuff on a physical medium.


Finally started listening to this stuff and hell yeeeeeeeah

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yeah all the miharu koshi stuff produced by hosono is great

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here’s a hosono

(and here’s a jun cover!)

they are best buds :3

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Ive noticed the sandii part of absolute ego dance gets sampled / referenced in:

  • this sandii song:
  • this ryuichi sakamoto solo song:
  • this yoshie kashiwabara song:

Another sandii song that quotes absolute ego dance!! Haruomi hosono is credited with bass on this album.

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Hosono’s current live band playing the YMO song Absolute Ego Dance. For this song, Cornelius came on stage and played guitar.

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The three Hosono vinyl reissues I ordered came in today!

Each of them comes with a fancy booklet containing translated interviews with Hosono.

I listened to Philharmony first because it’s my favorite of these three. Light in the Attic actually remastered the album for this release and it sounds amazing! The samples come through so clearly. The mix is very dynamic. You can hear subtle ways Hosono messed around with volume which I’d never noticed before.

This interview is hilarious. The bolded text is the interviewer, and unbolded is Hosono. He was so totally taciturn, barely answered any of the questions.

Now I’m drinking a Hitachino Nest Ale and listening to Paraiso. I’ve only discovered this album recently, and I don’t fully understand it yet. I have a feeling that this is a drinking record.