The Hosono House

Light in the Attic is so pure, they are a force for good in this universe

The number one question of the week for me is whether there’s anything at all worthwhile in Omni Sight Seeing’s ten minute long acid house track I have to sit through to get to Pleocene.

Spending my morning with my girl sandii and her album EATING PLEASURE

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The only (?) Rei Harakami song w/ vocals was a Hosono cover

Y’all been hearing that HOCHONO HOUSE? It good.

A somewhat similar trick in '85('86?), not so good:

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no I haven’t, thanks for letting me know!

He’s also going to play in NYC 5/28 & LA 6/3 (also with YMO boys, maybe? seems unclear)


hey vampire weekend what do you think ur doing

i forgive u i still luv u

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This cool British radio station did an entire day on Hosono and YMO! There are 15 hours of really solid mixtapes here:

I’m particularly fond of this Visible Cloaks (AKA Spencer Doran) mix, which focuses on his 4th world ambient stuff (in typical Doran fashion).

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nts is great

Happy late birthday to our favorite surfer!


woah, strongly recommend listening to that tune while watching that gif.

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Maybe this is common knowledge but I didn’t know Hosono’s grandfather was a Titanic Survivor!

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