The good Chiptunes

Hey guys what are the good chiptune artist/albums? A friend was wondering and came to me expecting me to know my shit. I do not know my shit.

I’m not an expert either, but I gotta recommend YMCK:

Japanese jazz vocals over fun NES style tunes.

george and jonathan


the absolute bar-none best composers in modern chiptunes are at imo is hit or miss, not my favorite but one of the most popular netlabels

ZZZV is, for my money, the greatest chiptune artist currently active, maybe ever. subversive progressive rock and doom midi influence
kayfaraday is a sort of unfathomable prodigy composer, listening to her stuff will destroy your mind in a good way, and her range is boggling. highly subversive, jaw-droppingly through-composed

Radix is a legend of the older scene, great stuff. scratches that particular era’s sentimental itch, but i used to have a giant set and i’m not sure the best place to recover it. worth poking around for

if you’re looking for the best chiptunes of yore, they are almost always closely tied to the demoscene; eg

Dubmood is a famous name

that’s just a few starting points, anyway

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i bumped this all the time back when i was into nerdcore rap and monster party

coda is good

Drumized by DJ Scotch Egg is good shit, and I’m someone who can’t stand chiptune.

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I remember once saying I wished George & Jonathan could orchestrate my life, to which someone drunkenly responded that I deserved better. And so I had to fight them.

Don’t listen to this unless you want 99% of everything else to sound boring

1 Like (one-time live performance of a project created when the artists Random and Covox decided to team up) (already mentioned in a different thread but w/e) (they transitioned away from chiptune a while ago but their new stuff is great and their old stuff is STILL great) (netlabel with a bunch of good LA-based artists) (has since renamed himself BIAS ONE, but all around cool dude) (they haven’t released anything but HOLY SHIT THE PREVIEWS (henry homesweet x JDDJ3J collab )) (SB recognize SB)

also I make stuff on gameboys still (somehow):

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I don’t consider this to be chiptune, but thanks for linking it anyway

Also worth noting that there’s a ton of good chiptune/fauxbit/FM/whatever music on Soundcloud

Is it a technical reason? Or more of a thematic one?

Technical. All of the chippy instruments are just approximations. No real/emulated sound chips.

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fakebit is the best term

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If we’re inside of a computer simulation, then everything is chiptune.

Or some sort of weird physical modeling, I suppose.

Y’all please listen to Infinity Shred/Starscream

also Sabrepulse

and Bright White Lightning

Oh, I’m also a fan of several of the artists in the Data Airlines stable:

Dubmood, Trey Frey, Goto80 and Hello World are tops.

okay I’m going to chill the fuck out now

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