The good Chiptunes


Seconded. DJ Scotch Egg/Bonnet is fuckin killer music-er in general.

Also sensational


Only dudes I cared about for the last 5 years:


Wait, NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN can speak perfect English, what?

I had no idea


Hey, so, a few weeks ago in the Axe thread about describing music you wanted to exist but weren’t sure if it did, I said I was looking for overly sincere super emotive pop music using chiptunes, and someone gave me three really great recommendations. I failed to save them and then the thread died… This is pretty embarrassing, but can anyone hook me up with those reccs again? They were really good.


i think it’d be worth digging a few music threads out of the axe bin and putting them in tune of the fatman, actually

@Father.Torque, @CourierRice, @Felix can probably do it?

i’d want that one and the one that has a long tangent about modern jazz

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I think I remember recommending



not sure if those were the ones you were looking for but I definitely remember posting them somewhere!

humblebrag time: I was actually invited as a backup to play at square sounds melbourne! I didn’t because it was like directly in the middle of my internship and I couldn’t really justify taking 2 weeks from a 12 week internship :frowning:

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if they’ve already been axed and there’s a mod method to retrieve them I don’t know it yet


Those are totally the ones! Many thanks, can’t wait to dig into these further.

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bumpin this shit during my nightwalk tonite it sure is sega af.


A few of my favorite chiptune artists that have not already been mentioned:

(Limiting myself to modern things here.)



Strange. 505’s site, Bandcamp page, Twitter account, and Facebook account all seem to have disappeared. The song I had linked was a very good one, though. I’d fix the link if I could find another source.

This is also a good song:

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