the end of MegaTen as we know it


oh I see, I didn’t realize you could make elementals like that


I made ghost rider

feel like I’m kind of overdoing it on fusing the boss monsters but at least this guy has a dekaja equivalent move because I still don’t have anyone who can cast that and I was burning through rocks pretty quickly

should probably go and do the third kalpa

game is great. even though that tower dungeon took forever.


The Kalpas and Labyrinth of Amala in general feel so perfectly sinister and abysmal. The music really carries a mysterious foreboding, definitely one of my favorite environments.


why would they put such an absurdly difficult sokoban puzzle in here

I mean it’s way more interesting than the average final fantasy minigame but geez


pale rider wasn’t bad at all, none of them were other than the first one with his stupid god’s arrow


I love how much this game turns into its own meta

Early game I was hesitant to use any attack that cost HP because I was rationing

Now it’s like what the hell, Daisoujou can fix anything plus I have that guy I bought from the shady broker that restores MP from walking around who can cast samrecarm whenever I really fuck up, I wonder how many more elements I can become immune to

I think I’ve effectively maxed out my strength? Which means that 900 damage focus crits after several tarukajas are pretty much as good as it gets?


until deathbound, anyway.


is this the kind of rpg that players usually break over the knee at some point in the midgame


anyway since i expect Normal to be significantly more lenient i’ll probably rush for luck when i restart to mix things up and be obnoxious


not really but the press turn smt games have a shift mid-late game where you have easy access to demons with no weaknesses but you can still get Nocturned
you can kinda break it over your knee endgame with sheer grinding, the top tier level 95+ demons are obnoxiously overpowered

smt4 on the other hand…


glad to hear rng party wipes never truly go away ;-;

if the enemies had less fuzzy ai they probably wouldn’t need to be given nearly as many obnoxious advantages


I’m so glad so many of you are playing Nocturne. I just bought two copies of Nocturne in Japan - now I have 4 plus a digital copy. Nocturne is the best SMT title!!!


i think all SMTs start off pretty hard and level off once you hit a certain tier of demons/skills + have a decent amount of macca. They become less about punishing difficulty and more about adapting your tactics to deal with tricky bosses. Even Set, the boss linked in idiot’s post that can Megidolaon you over and over, is weak to electricity and can easily spend half the fight getting the shit critted out of him by your demons. I Like This because it feels appropriate to pitting a team of literal gods against other literal gods. Everyone can fuck eachother up equally!! :smiley:

SMT4 is actually harder than average to begin with – you’re very fragile and smirking works against you more often than not, plus the symbol encounters move fast and getting the timing down for first strikes takes a few fumbles/party wipes (even later on, getting jumped is almost guaranteed to result in 1-2 of your demons dying). But a little bit of smart investment in your stats + skills + apps goes a long way – i can spam Megido and then get all of my MP back passively just from running around now.

tbh, besides simplified fusion/inheretance and convenient Mana Walk apps, the low difficulty is mainly because of how ridic powerful (and hella stylish) your MC can get in this game. That’s like 120 points higher Ma than even my strongest demon.

Post Your Squad:


i actually feel like most rpgs start off harder early on and then level off into routine later, period

this is mostly because the early game is the most refined and by the end you’re more invested in making progress anyway


which of strange journey / SMT4 / persona 4 is most worth playing after nocturne?

hopefully not SMT4 because citra isn’t quite fast enough yet


strange journey
(although i sorta hate p4, other people may well be repping that one over it)


seconding strange journey


I never got around to finishing SMT4 (some day…!) but the removal of VIT as a stat seemed to make everyone immediately squishier. Or rather, the player has fewer options to reduce the damage they take/increase their health. Interesting pacing choice.


I’m not much of a fan of Strange Journey. I don’t particularly enjoy much about it. The battle system isn’t as fun as Nocturne, the fusion system isn’t as fun as Nocturne, I don’t like the soundtrack. The space marine dude doesn’t learn any new skills and you can’t pick his stat growths. I liked it enough to play it for like 40 hours though.


Yeah i’m with mothman on Strange Journey. It’s got a good story (SMT meets The Thing basically) and the progression loop is pitch-perfect, solid dungeon crawling. But it does a lot of little things i’m not into, once again in a seeming effort to do things differently from the last game – unfortunately that last game was Nocturne which did everything right for me.

i am having a great time with SMT4, though it feels kind of shallow. It’s very easy, as said above, and the story and characters aren’t as intriguing as they first seem. It starts to feel a bit rote once alignments really become obvious. Walter is mostly my dude in a big way though, his stance of “the world is fucked up bad and i’m gonna do something about it even if that means tearing it all down” really rings true for me due to uhhh, everything happening in reality right now!!

i loved Persona 4 when i played it 6 years ago, but 26-year-old me is a very different person from 20-year-old me and i have the feeling i’d find the squickier aspects of the characterization hard to deal with now (there’s been good discussion of that on this incarnation search for Persona 4 and have a look. Plus there’s a thread for it right now!).

edit: so basically SJ for good dungeon crawling and story, SMT4 for overall satisfying play, P4 for a little bit of both with an extra heap of problematic anime poured on top. Also DDS if you just want Nocturne with no fusion and a Final Fantasy plot/sphere grid.