the end of MegaTen as we know it


fyi, if you intend on emulating strange journey(or most other atlus ds games of that era; i actually quite like devil survivor!), it has the desmume bug which causes textures to be misaligned in software rendering.

i have a (partial) fix for this if you feel like compiling it yourself


thanks! I did have to build desmume myself at one point because the preexisting debs were really poorly optimized so I’m totally willing…

is the bug still present in hardware rendering? b/c I’d assume I’m using that by default


does anyone rep Devil Survivor? i think i’m probably just nostalgic for that because it’s the first smt game i actually played.


i haven’t played Devil Survivor (really want to!) but i was considering suggesting it to Felix since SMT x tactics RPG sounds like a damn solid combo and i’ve never heard a bad word about it. Probably better than any of those other choices TBH.

my first SMT was this!:

It plays really bad (a shitty Dragon Quest knockoff w/ fusions and hyper-simplified negotiation) but a cute little curio. Also the soundtrack is hot as hell.
Between this game and Revelations: Persona it seems like Revelations was briefly kicked around as the English name for Megatens? Which, let’s be real, would have been a pretty sick name and probably more relevant to the series cosmology than Shin Megami Tensei is.


DS SRPGs tended to be extremely not great


probably the exact reason why i liked it so much, i was looking for an srpg for ds and stumbled upon an smt game that sorta fit and was maybe better than anything else in that genre on the console


actually do not remember but feel like it did still exist.

i will!

the first game, at least. the second one is pure garbage that failed to understand anything that it did right and basically tried to be persona. it had a rad soundtrack from the romancing saga guy though.

as srpgs go it’s not especially complicated but you are definitely going to be focusing on party composition as you need to summon quite a lot of demons in SMT fame, and it’s fairly difficult as the genre goes.

but the story part’s what it does well. you are on a strict time schedule and everything you do, including talk to people or make decisions, passes time and affects the story. characters live or die depending on what you do, and you’re unlikely to save all of them on your first playthrough without spoilers. there’s no alignment but the 7(!) possible ending paths available vary greatly based on your story decisions. the Bad Ending is always available, though.

the characters are very anime but tend to veer towards “we are all in way over our heads” rather than stoic superheroes.

also Lucifer casts Megidolaondyne because he’s an asshole.


Never touched Persona 4 but I honestly feel like 5 to 10 hours of both SJ and SMT4 will be more enjoyable and informative than slogging through either till the end.

I feel that way about most SMT games besides Nocturne I think?


can the strange journey fans elaborate???

@felix they’re all going to be a letdown after nocturne, i’d say iv but it’s considerably more anime than nocturne and has weird pacing so i’m not sure how you’d feel about it

it does have a great soundtrack & the fusion system has no rng and a fancy search function

smt1 is also good but the best english version of it looks like this:


Yeah with SMT1 it’s SNES or bust.

The music is terrible in most of the ports and the re-worked graphics generally look gross. The problem with the original is how obtuse the game is with respect to stat management, fusion, demon abilities etc. Even new equipment fails to show stat changes in the ‘buy’ menu. This was fixed in the ports I think (not sure about Sega CD and PCE though). Plus the ludicrous encounter rate.

Still one of my favorites though.

If you can read basic Japanese the SNES and GBA port are your best bets. I hear the translation patch introduced some bugs that may or may not be game breaking.


i thought the ps1 port of smt1 looked okay personally. personal vote is the game’s kind of hard to play without a speedup key of any sort though.

my favorite thing about smt1 is that there’s a bug where hama resistance is given by any equipment, so if you play naked you can be killed by a thing which supposedly can’t kill humans (the demifiend is not human so he doesn’t count, or maybe he’s vulnerable because he can’t wear any equipment beyond his sexy pants)


wait does the demifiend wear cutoffs in every game

I just assumed that was a weird nocturne thing


the protagonist of each smt game is different, not the same person

they’re normal humans in the first two smt games and in sj

well, as ‘normal’ as literal godkillers can be


Yeah the PS1 version doesn’t look too bad but the music suffers.

My main reason for recommending the SNES and GBA are primarily to run in emulators with fast forward keys. Even with auto battle things get out of control pretty quickly. Maybe the GBA port actually changed the encounter rate settings?


the best thing about telling people to play with speedup keys is not telling them about girimehkala

because you will hear them swearing about it most likely at some point


it did yeah
that’s where i was coming from re: my post that the ios version is the best english release, it’s based on the gba port (though has the ps1 music) and has a far lower encounter rate than the snes rom


Yep I got screwed over by autobattle a number of times. The great thing about the SMT series is how you’re never entirely safe.


from what i’ve played, nocturne and p3:fes are the only ones that seem worth sticking through till the end. the rest are generally interesting games, if not great games. always glad the series has lasted this long though. and although i sort of hate it, i should thank p4 for keeping the money flowing into the franchise.


If you liked the atmosphere/mood of Nocturne, the closest game in feel is Strange Journey. If you liked the art of Nocturne, I’d suggest trying DDS or the Devil Summoner Raidou games, though the Raidou games are action games rather than RPGs and are also slightly budget/bad but memorable.

If you want a good gameplay experience where everything is smoothed out and user friendly, try P4 Golden or P3Portable.

If you like SRPGs or want the novelty of moving around a grid and attacking from distances and having several Megaten demon parties, the Devil Survivor games are pretty fun. I really wish #FE used the DeSu battle system instead of what they ended up with. DeSu’s story is a rechurn of SMT1 except more modern day and bad anime, but the second game gives you a hero and party full of idiots and puts you in the plot of Evangelion so it’s a lot of fun.

I know you said you can’t play 3ds games but: If you want to feel the cool occult mood of the original series, I really liked Soul Hackers on 3ds. It’s fun to see what they thought the “cyber future” of today would be like and how right and wrong they were, plus it’s got totems and spirit animals and North/South American gods and demons in the forefront which is kinda neat.

P2 is a good time for old game-style too. The PSP remake is a good way to experience Innocent Sin and has a remixed soundtrack plus new content that they didn’t finish translating lol it was basically create your own stories/dungeon mode and that’s too much text for a release as small as a PSP game.

Anyway this is on mobile so plz excuse my typos or grammar

I like Nocturne > Strange Journey > P4 in that order but they’re all good

Apocalypse is really interesting in how they basically made a fanfic of 4 and then turned it into a whole new game. I’ve never seen a company do that, it’s super neat. Like the game begins with your hero basically fucking up the perfect neutral end of the last game and then things go really south and you have to fix all your problems but also you have friends and a harem because now we’re post-P4 now and that shit will be in every Smt game cry cry ok bye