the end of MegaTen as we know it


Oh shit please let there be V or something equivalent not bound to handhelds.

#205 has made me hopeful for this, i mean it’s atlus, those are totally getting reused


Yessssss, a deeply seeded hope from the first P5 trailer that showed demons in battle. :smiling_imp:


SMT5 will be a F2P mobile game.


This series hasn’t gone the way of BoF, so YHVH please no.


third kalpa went real quick

this yoyogi park business is weird though

I feel like they more than slightly overtaxed themselves on “how many weird dungeon concepts can we come up with in-engine”


Is that the one with large storage containers and teleports all over the place…Oberon or Titania enemies? I like the variety but recall that place as one of the more tiring, even if not so tough.



game clock says 22h, lv 48 but it feels like longer


~pro tip~: go back to the boss room in kabukicho


It seems crazy quick for a first time, unless you are a crazy quick and efficient player. Random battle frequency + fusion sessions already make for a lot of time.


‘hd project’ sounds nicely platform agnostic
another 3ds game coming, too?


Can’t wait for 2 years from now when it’s revealed to be an idol game

But really, I hope Kaneko is actually involved again. SMT doesn’t feel like SMT without his character designs. :confused:


Am I doing this right


You couldnt possibly be doing this better.
Have fun having the Gaea magatama wildly ahead of time

p.s. once you hit 30 stop putting points in to anything but Lu. the ultimate magatama gives +10 to everything but Luck. Luck is the secret


this is pretty close to what i was doing but my name was nowhere near as good, fuck


A warez release of Nocturne leaked way ahead of retail release. Think it was over a month early… I was so excited but no matter how many times I burned the damn thing it locked up during the intro. I wrote it off as a bad release and patiently waited for my legit copy, but it also locked up at the same spot. It was very upsetting!

Eventually I figured out what was causing the game to crash: I put a tilde in my character’s nickname and SMT3 does not like that.

My character’s name was Alice “Bam BOO” Olivier. I liked my Demifiend but I woulda liked 'em more with a tilde in there.


I’ve never seen a magic Demifiend before…


I love Nocturne so much. You have to be invested at all times, like, it’s never comfortable. I love Persona and SMTIV but they don’t have that same feeling, they’re easier to break (or maybe I just didn’t find a way to break Nocturne, who knows) and more feel-good-y. Nocturne was a tense ride.

Thinking of picking Apocalypse soon.


Speedrun’s all magic nukes.

Unless it’s TDE speedrun, then it’s magic but switches into a Pierce/Deathbound build in the last third of the game because someone’s gotta beat up Lucifer.


magic demifiend seems like he’d be pretty OP but i have a serious haymaker addiction.

Plus prefer a support-oriented skillset for MCs in this series and it’s really easy to do that w/ a St build – Focus + Freikugel and the other six slots can be whatever you like. both times i completed Nocturne i think i fell into the same exact build w/o even trying (superhigh St and Lu, Mediarama/-rahan, Focus, Freikugel, Fog Breath, War Cry, Mana Drain, Tornado/Bolt Storm w/ Force/Elec boost (switching from the former to the latter when it becomes available)). Dude can do a little bit of everything while also caving in demon skulls w/ his fist!