the end of MegaTen as we know it


I have such doubts about Persona 5. The music, UI and the overall style looks fabulous, but not sure I can tolerate the animu characters and story. Especially if the shit goes on for 100 hours.


Yeah this is the canon Demifiend

But also boring Demifiend?

Magic ones are neat even though those boots can be filled and nobody can punch as hard as him. If you are good at the game you can probably blast through encounters with the right magic choices but then you don’t get to use the greatest auto battle in vidcons?

What is your dream weird Demifiend?

I want to give my Demifiend all Agi and “GONNECTION”!


i thought it might be kinda fun to go all-in on hama/mudo magic and get sweet revenge

Also have been tempted to put 90% of points into Luck


I’ve played Apocalypse for 15 hours and it’s great.
4 became a mess shortly after the Tokyo reveal. The mid-late game was a blur of bad redesigns and spending 60% of your time navigating the Worst World Map Ever trying to figure out where you’re supposed to go.

Apocalypse streamlined all this and made the world map acceptable, with actually appreciable new demon designs.

Is it weird that strong status spells make me enjoy RPGs way more? Shibaboo is amazing in this game. I think it hits 100% of the time. I still have it on my main even though I’m trying to seriousbuild for bosses.


also playing apocalypse
it’s definitely more balanced than iv, where i made a null everything alice like a third of the way in that carried me to the postgame dlc

far too many Anime Talking Heads though


you may find yourself ~uguu~


Yeah the world map in 4 is the pits. i got the late-game flying magic (which is weirdly tucked away in one of those optional side mission you get from talking to any random demon) and what is supposed to be a joyful chocks-away empowering device (think FF airships or the various flying methods you get in Dragon Quests) ends up feeling like no less of a chore, since you can only use it in weird specific locations and it’s impossible to know what anything is or where the hell you are. You also never seem to get any directions from NPCs.

Also the story is, um, barely extant – i think it was Rudie who said (on the wiki?) that it’s a 10-hour-story stretched out over an 80-hour game and boy howdy, was he ever right. What you do get is, eh, fine, but doesn’t hold a candle to Nocturne or even Persona 3/4 – which the game is obviously trying to split the difference on. Apparently the staff was a mix of old hands and fresh blood and there was a lot of disagreement on the characters/scenario, and you can really feel it.

idk, i was super into it for a good long while because the basic gameplay loop is so satisfying, and really dug the alternate Tokyos even if they’re approx. where Al and Jon’s personalities Stop Making Sense altogether. Now though i’m running around cleaning up sidequests because you have to do that for the neutral ending, and not only is it a total momentum-killer, but the plot justification for it is stupid and i hate it.

i actually didnt realize how negative i felt about 4 until i started writing this post D:
probably going to wrap up this playthrough and just sell it

Apocalypse is apparently very fun and the MC looks fresh-to-death, too bad it also apparently goes full Persona Animu Funtimes complete w/ waifus and an irritating sidekick (cant think of a character i’d like to spend 50+ hours with less than the Slimer ghost of that rich punk w/ the bad hairdo (is he just in the 1st game as a sequel hook or something? Dude basically gets Chuck Cunningham’d))


I picked up Apocalypse again after a stormy power outage tonight, about 25 hours in and I’m doing something back in Ginza headed to save Flynn. I think. It really does improve on IV in a lot of ways but there’s some hits taken to tone.


On the animu to classy scale, I was surprised to find that Apocalypse is not that far from 4. So far.
The main offfender is the Stock Anime personality of your sidekicks (15 year old Waifu and Comic relief) but they only talk about current events. There aren’t additional scenes to “flesh out” their “personalities”.

What I mean is that there isn’t a scene where the waifu tries to cook something but she fails! LOL, she’s a bad cooker.

With the way things are going, there might not even be the obligatory Bath Scene in Which The Boys Spy On The Girls But They Get Caught, Hilarity Ensues. That’d be great.

And the true ending is supposed to be metal in Apocalypse?




i fused a shiva and unlocked the bonus dungeon so i guess i’m at the end of this at ~30 hours
i’m hesitant to call 30 hours ‘breezy’ but you know, for the genre

the fiends aren’t rng spawns in this!!!


Looked in on my previous Nocturne save file from just before getting the tde, and i’d apparently put in ~90hrs on it?(!)

Which…can’t be right. Maybe i just had the game paused while doing other stuff idk.

So of course i started a NG+, thinking i would have forgotten how to play but no, it clicked immediately for me and i’m already in Ginza. I’m going to do my best not to use any of the demons from my previous playthrough, as your entire compendium is available, provided you have the macca to summon them.


And I’m sure this has been mentioned before, but Nocturne has the best attract mode ever (although P3/4’s were pretty great too).

Also, the best game over screen.

I miss attract modes y’all ;_;




I prefer the non-Maniax intro more:

I think it’s themed better to the game’s content, which is understandable since I imagine they wanted to feature all the new stuff in the Maniax intro.

Oh, someone made a comparison:


ive always sorta hated that Dante is in Maniax
Would rather have the Raidou version


Does the Raidou edition have a different OP?? I got a copy a week ago but have no import PS2 to play it on.


I’m pretty sure you can play imports if you have a Freemcboot memory card. I ordered one off eBay for like $10 and that’s including shipping.


Man I forgot about the manikin collector and his fucking bill. Running into a seeming dead end in the Ginza Underground, I took the highway around to get into the assembly, fighting through higher level demons, only to find the entrance closed lol. I somehow didn’t die, made it back to Ginza, looked up an FAQ and then finally remembered what I was supposed to do and that this was exactly what I did last time.