the end of MegaTen as we know it


These are super:

Anyone know where they’re from?


this gorgeous thing which i cannot afford and thirst for so deeply


The official boxart is actually very cool but any of those wouldve been better

OG JP boxart is the best official boxart because Profile Shot!!


uk box art and name is far and away the worst, but i can’t imagine anyone was going to argue otherwise


should have been called “lucifer’s maniax”


i actually think “Lucifer’s Call” is kinda rad as a subtitle but then i also think they shouldve stuck with calling the series Revelations in english


Oh, right…Matador.

Guess I’ll go grind some divines outside the assembly or something.


Yeah matador you do have to grind a little bit (and also start appreciating sukukaja in a big way), I had more trouble with Thor and white rider but those have hard counters if you’re creative about fusions.


They have vol. 2 of this series at a bookstore near me for $40. My girlfriend keeps saying to go Dutch w/ her on it but it’s pre Persona 2 Kazuma Kaneko, who I don’t love nearly as much.


I mean you all are talking about it and all but it really is a thing that must be seen to be truly comprehended


easy fix, just move demifiend to the center and shove dante out of this game he doesnt goddamn belong in


:featuring_dante: :featuring_dante:


you can beat matador and thor very easily without grinding if you get a jack frost in ginza and fuse dark might around, that’s your early game breaking skill

4a has a bunch of cool new twists on smt battle mechanics & i don’t regret playing through the whole thing but i guess my tolerance for animes is getting weaker


when i was playing this matador took me forever, but thor was a first try w/o being over levelled or anything. i think i just lucked into starting that fight w the necessary resistances.


Matador took me a good hour of leveling, the most in any SMT to date, because I put every single stat point into Luck up until that point. Luck in general just doesn’t seem to have much bearing in 3, at least a lot less than 1&2.


You can exploit Dark Might/Bright Might for most of the game tbh, if you’re willing to spin in circles for 5 minutes before any given boss encounter :B
Bright Might is really handy for Ongyo-ki, though if you know how to negate his illusions in the first place it’s not a super hard fight.


i guess dantes not all that out of place in a world of smack-talking demons i just hate how annoying he is to fight and how he keeps being all smug toughguy even after i kick his ass
i have 0 attachment to DMC so that doesnt help

coolest hallways in games


The worst part of Dante is that he is DMC2 Dante. If he had been 3’s, it would have been so much better.


that design for him is so cool though


I loved this fight. I didn’t know the secret and I had to come up with, like, a system for getting rid of the illusions and hitting the real guy.

I’m not a huge DMC fan but I think Nocturne has the coolest looking Dante.


nihilo HQ is visually one of my favorite places in the game, and in games in general tbqh. So i took a lot of pictures of it.

love this crazy core sphere. you can crane the camera up & down to see that the giant terminals extend from way up in the sky…

…down into the abyss

the shot composition in dialogue scenes is really incredible.
this is from inside that sphere btw