the end of MegaTen as we know it


Okay I’m not playing through it right now but Imma share a few pics from my last cycle.



i literally don’t even remember all the various onis down in that tunnel

hard tde speedrun’s started again and will probably still be running by the time you wake up in the morning tomorrow


I just tuned in 3 hours later and he’s still in the hospital? Just got Pixie.

Is he starting over each time he dies?


hmm, kin-ki, fuu-ki, ongyo-ki annnnnnd… fuck(-ki)
edit: sui-ki. knew it started with an “S”. grumble, grumble…


I think I skipped those tunnel bosses by accident, accounts for the one magatama I’m missing in the second row


Well be sure you fetch it so you can get the ultimate void-all magatama!!


How do I actually fight them?? I just went through that dungeon with no bossfights


You have to explore most of the tunnels thoroughly, a lot of drops turn backs and map usage. I can’t remember which but one of them can be a challenge depending on your build and party. Some amusing dialogue too.

I thought you had to fight Ongyo-ki. Also yes definitely get all Magatama especially if you want optimal tools for TDE ending.


They’re kind of hidden away, like i think one or two of them are down pit traps. i’d recommend a guide. Ongyo-ki won’t appear until you kill the others.

be aware though that you have to complete Amala before you enter the bonus dungeon where the final magatama is, or else you’ll get locked out of TDE


i think it looks more like the run failed disastrously

he hasn’t had the best luck with it


i never bother to get the null all magatama, fuck the block puzzle minigame


I definitely gamefaqed this.


i dont like the block puzzle game either, i was never a sokoban fan and it goes on way longer than is fun or necessary. and you can’t even stop partway through and come back later WTF


yeah same on my first playthrough
i also did a ton of grinding in the final dungeon to get the top tier demons and fuse pierce around, all excessive


yeah why the f is that sokoban game so brutal


Puzzle Boy is “the Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne of Dark Souls of Sokoban.”


i… thought it wasn’t that hard…?

then again i devour puzzle games so


Honestly if you could suspend it partway i’d like it better. 20 Sokoban puzzles in a row, though, that’s brutal, man

in replaying this game im realizing how easy it is if you get Fog Breath on at least 2 of your demons. Dumping your foes AGI/EVA through the floor in one round is a real doozy and even if they use Dekunda it just takes another round and a few chakra drops to get back on top.

Also, luck is incredible. i have 20+ luck in my current play and i’ve been getting healing/gemstone drops left and right. PROTIP: don’t bother to save bead chains/chakra pots for emergencies, sell 'em when you need cash and fuse yourself stronger demons with better skills instead. And don’t spend your gems on elementals/mitamas either, fuse 'em yourself!


Explain luck to me. I have 35 in it, all other points were in strength I think. Demon negotiation doesn’t seem easier. I maybe get a few more gem drops but that’s it. Critical hits and back attacks occur with the same frequency. It seems completely redundant unless i’m missing something.