the end of MegaTen as we know it


Doesn’t comport with my experience! I’ve def noticed more drops and more gems. Think I might be getting more macca too, though don’t quote me on that – I have to check. It’s not like, a HUGE boost to your crit rate on its own, but Might seems to kick in way more often for me. Also, helps you avoid more Hama/mudo spells, and assuming it works like it does in 4, probably makes your own stick more often. (I have 200+ luck in that game and instadeath only seems to fail against demons who resist it. Also I’m LOADED down with healing items and spell stones)

Idk if it affects negotiations. I think you’re supposed to have negotiation skills on your other demons to back you up in this one, because demons seem to cut and run a lot more (get a demon with Detain and Gonnection, they’re helpful). It… miiight affect the gifts demons give you? I got a Vi Incense off of my Makami the other day. THATS never happened before.
And I almost never get back attacked now, though I seem to get surprised (when they go first but without your defense being penalized) about as often.

Granted, it is a stat called “LUCK” so it’s possible some of this is a placebo effect. Or maybe you’re just not very lucky :woman_shrugging:


I think maybe i’m not noticing all the benefits of Luck because Nocturne gives you so many skills to stack. I remember that in the first couple of games it boosted your accuracy and evasion rates a lot, helped with negotiation etc. You can pretty much secure the same effects with your demon pals this time around. I do seem to have a ton of money, and I did get incenses from my demons so that’s pretty great.

Thanks for clearing that up.


After a couple more attempts and some grinding and specific fusing i walked all over Matador.

Thor went down easy on my first attempt so i seem to be doing something right.


why is every damn boss physical immune all of a sudden


Probably to stop you from steamrolling them all w/ bright / dark might.


You just gotta punch harder




I booked a tattoo with the lady who did this for next month & I want to distinguish myself from her preexisting work a little bit but the only imagery I can think of for comparison is all like, nihilo screenshots


is your punch at all demifiendish dude


my whole moveset is jive talk and fast retreat

I’m probably not gonna get the lower arm part b/c I don’t like it nearly as much as the upper arm & I am extremely hairy

probably have her add some more half-drawn fading cubes near the elbow instead


I am still going through Apocalypse.

The game loses some steam in the middle like all Megaten games. I went from level 40 to 55 and nothing significant happened plotwise. Bosses are steamrolled by the kaja/kunda barrage, randoms all die in one round now that I can go all out (I got an app that heals MP as I walk around)
I’m enjoying it, I’m sure it will become interesting again later on, and it’s not nearly as bad as 4 was at that point, but I’m still a bit bored.

The plot is a bit silly. This isn’t your dad’s Shin Megami Tensei! There’s a new enemy faction in town and it’s MORE powerful than Law/Chaos.

It does help that their leader Krishna has excellent character design / has an excellent theme / is charismatic / doesn’t have the silly distorded voice all other demons have.

Anytime YHVH is supposed to be pronounced by a character, you hear something similar to a record scratch instead. Nice touch.

What did I forget.
My outfit


Some SSStyle right there. Sounds like I’m maybe a bit behind where you are, and I had a very similar thought last night as I saved to quit! Seeing the level difference from my other file (39 ~ the 1st Shesha fight), being 50 now. The bits of story progression alongside all that dungeon/area exploration and combat were alright, with the new Ring of Gaea then Hunter attitudes, etc etc. It’s just that while returning to and expanding those things the larger scale affairs seem dormant.


i’m level 80 or so, getting towards the end. it never dips as low as 4 did, and yeah it definitely picks up but i dont think it ever hits the high of 4’s opening. the gameplay loop hardt as hell though, so whatever


everything after blasted/infernal Tokyo in SMT4 is godawful. i hated the final dungeons so much, they’re both cool-looking/poorly-designed teleport mazes/boss rushes. To even get to them (on neutral) you have to run around the horrible world map cleaning up the majority of the sidequests in the game, one of which is just a huge macca-gated quest (the one where you have to gather all the member’s only cards in Ginza). Your law/chaos heroes are absent for this entire stretch and when they show up again they’ve already advanced to their inevitable alignment avatar forms offscreen, with little fanfare.*
why is Stephen Hawking of all people the one to tell me to “revive the goddess of Tokyo” WTF

i cannot remember the last time my feelings toward a game differed so severely from beginning to end. Playing Nocturne and mentally comparing the two has only deepened my antipathy. What a letdown.

oh well still got my 60+ hours in lol ;_;

*(this isn’t strictly true. You get to see Walter turn into a weird Lucifer’s arm-tumor monster. it comes out of fucking nowhere and makes 0 sense with his established character though!!)


4a’s final dungeon is the rainbow road from mario kart


i put on one of the hard tde runs in the background and this really sums up what speedrunning nocturne hard is like

edit: apparently he got a 13:37 off that run somehow.


Ok so I’ve played a ton this past week to finally end Apocalypse.

In a few nice ways, some of the less talked about (or less obvious) lategame developments managed to surprise me.

A not so nice surprise, that true final dungeon - heard it was exhausting but damn! Fatigue already crept in over the previous 5-10 hours, still I was resolved to finish and then the repetition -> payoff equation fell apart. Obnoxious.


…well that ending was hella brief and understated considering the extra extra extra work one has to put in for it. Then again, it’s the result of a bleak and “wipe the slate entirely clean” path.

Ah well, I thoroughly enjoyed Finalocalpyse overall. Probably not picking up any kind of RPG for a long while though.


Picked Nocturne back up yesterday and I guess I’m at the annoying part of the midgame (second Kalpa, followed by kabukicho prison).

Man what I wouldn’t give for a patch that fixes the homophobic stereotyping w/r/t the junk shop guy (playing on a ps2 though so even if that did exist…).


My SMT Apocalypse file was corrupted, I could load it but couldn’t save anymore.

I backed up the save, deleted the game + save, redownloaded the game, used the backed up save. Didn’t work, still corrupted.

All was lost. I deleted the backed up save and the game + regular save.

The next day I then redownloaded the game just in case I wanted to try playing from the beginning again at one point.
But then the game somehow loaded a save from god knows where. Now everything works again including my old save!

I am pretty sure my 3DS is C U R S E D and I will pay the price for this later

Anyway I got to the fake ending, great punch in the guts right there