the end of MegaTen as we know it


i think i’ve burnt out at vishnuflynn. i had a good time but it’s a shame the plot is completely negligible


I’m wondering if we’ll ever see SMTIV/IVa on other platforms. Don’t really want to buy a 3DS just to play them.


Sorry guys don’t hate…

Were demons named differently as enemies in earlier Persona or MegaTen spin offs?


that UI!! THAT UI!!! <3


so hype ;__;


Oh man, I think it looks pretty hideous.

Still hype for it though.


I am not ready for this game. My inner weeb is screaming demanding all of my time be sacrificed to it.

I have my PS4 connected to the “main” TV in the living room which also has the cable running through it, so playing something that is meant as a singular person experience can be tough to find the time to do in my house. Especially when the game likes to take 2 to 3 hour chunks at a time. It’s my opinion that games like this and most games in general are a terrible spectator sport and I am definitely not the kind of asshole who forces his SO to sit and watch me play a game for 2 to 3 hours.

I guess what I am saying is I have no idea how my obsessive weeb personality that really wants to sink 4 hours a day on this game is going to continue to be a fully functioning adult with work, taking care of the house, prepping taxes, paying bills, and also enjoying quality time with my wife. It’s why I don’t play games like this anymore but damn it Persona just scratches my anime game itch like nothing else. These damn games are like drugs and I am very susceptible to peer pressure.


yeah it’s actually funny how conspicuously low-functioning jRPG play sessions make me feel nowadays, it’s almost too obvious how much it takes me out of my life

I will whisper “remote play” in your ear though b/c it’s been a godsend for me for PS4 releases that I don’t necessarily want to sit down and play in front of a PS4


I am enjoying it so far a few hours in, yeah it’s very very good but I am still riding this very different Nier high and…I dunno maybe should have more of a break between big meals.

#314 good lord


I think I really want to do this for P5, but when I experimented with remote play on my desktop for The Last Guardian, the input lag was too great to be enjoyable. May be less a problem for P5, but do you have any recommendations on how to minimize lag?

Yeah, the game’s out in the US in like 2 weeks, and I just got Ending A from Nier last night (also I’m writing a master’s thesis, I guess), so I don’t know that I’m ready in any way for Persona 5 to set up shop in my life.

I’m kinda amazed it’s been out in Japan for half a year and the contemporaneous anime was simulcast in America, but I still know almost nothing about the plot or the game systems and how similar/different they are. I’m nervous the game won’t be as stellar as I hope it will be, but I’m eager to find out.



Think I’ll be playing this one with Japanese voices.


yeah i feel like i’ve heard so little about this game considering how long it’s been out in japan, i know the language barrier is high so it’s not an easy game to import but still. it definitely killed my enthusiasm a bit.


if your connection is strong enough that the video isn’t artifacting a bunch, then you should already have the lowest possible input latency. it’s definitely a little worse than connecting directly to the console but on games that don’t already have huge input latency problems (i.e. not last guardian) I find it pretty much fine; I beat orphan of kos that way!


i wonder if they just kind of exaggerated the way the jp side requested it sound

it’s not uncommon for the enunciation to emphasize the second syllable in japanese, but, uh, that just sounds wrong.

maybe she has a weird accent or something. does she sound kansaiben in jp or something


It’s supposed to be her “American” accent, yeah. The voice actress said on twitter that she was specifically asked to say it like that by Atlus JP.


Ok, thanks! I’ll give it a shot again. I’d imagine it’ll do just fine for P5. The video looked astonishingly clear.

How many Orphan of Daily Kos jokes have been made?


I read different somewhere, but moreso than your average jRPG, much like the first few hours of P3 and P4 there is a lot of talking and walking, bit by bit tutorials. Generally the same kind of pacing, I might not be as engaged these days following that same rhythm and high school animu stuffs. It’s not really bad or anything I just want to get to the main flow. A few voices now and then (especially a couple during the intro) seem extra goofy…but there’s plenty of solid dialogue too, so I’m okay with English dub for now. Aside from Igor’s voice :frowning:

The UI is really cool most of the time, except sometimes in dungeon exploration it’s too busy?

Keeping more thoughts to a minimum going forward…seems more than a few retailers broke street date.


the 3ds smt project is… an enhanced port of strange journey i guess?


Remaking Strange Journey is a cyclical re-use of assets in the same fashion that IV and Apocalypse based their rosters on Strange Journey in the first place, which celebrates series themes in being unable to do anything new anymore I guess. See the same demon bloc again, sure, why not. Remakes of progenitor games (I / II / If) would at least have some relative fresh novelty and reasonable status for an anniversary project but that would evidently take more than Atlus can provide.

Also the single animated cutscene there with Morax socking Asura also showed they removed wrinkles and horns from a bison’s head and took off his metal skin to show muscular arms and come on

Strange Journey was fine for its atmosphere and writing and getting the hells out of Tokyo but this series really just feels like a shambling Corpse.

declared edit: just realized from commentary elsewhere that the one game where the protagonist character as a character matters the absolutely least and is obscured the vast majority of the time could have gone with extremely minimal effort for a selectable female protagonist, and didn’t, while they went ahead with voicing another new mysterious outsider fatale. now I’m not just disappointed but incensed