the end of MegaTen as we know it


I am a big fan of Strange Journey, but this just looks like the same game with an extra character and voice over work. I really like how that game was not voiced, I think it really works for SMT in general.

Oh well, I still like the series, has the best JRPG combat that keeps me coming back. And animu.


good grief i hope they don’t inject more misguided SMT4-esque Persona-isms into SJ. Atmopshere is most of what that game has going for it.

i’d eat worms for a remake of the SFC games but yeah that ain’t gonna happen


i like strange journey but i’m about 0% excited for another 3ds-only release

new lady gives me evangelion vibes. and not in a good way


So now that I’ve got some coffee in me… For note, I have cleared the original DS Strange Journey, and on the whole I really like a lot of what it does.

SJ is a terribly paced game. Remaking it could only improve it.

Spoilers ahead.

It has a really strong start; encounters are reasonably challenging, things are happening in the story that are hard to understand, the atmosphere is very oppressive and strange. It still feels like the most classical SMT game since the original two, and I definitely want to say its the best successor we’ve had to those. (Nocturne is kind of doing its own thing but honestly I wish they’d taken more lessons from it!)

Around the fourth zone, Delphinus, it starts running out of steam and grinding the player down with unnecessarily long zones, a boss you have zero investment in by the time you get to it, and the gimmicks aren’t very interesting paired with its highly linear nature. Proceed, fall down a pit, groan, climb back up, repeat until you chose the correct path (or your map is completed, depending on the kind of player you are). And then the boss is kind of a jerk and requires a gameplan somewhat perpendicular to the way the entire rest of the game operates. Which isn’t bad but feels more like something that’s a better fit for an optional boss than a required one.

Fifth zone, Eridanus, is basically where most people stop. It’s long, it’s non-linear, it feels like a final area, it builds up to probably the toughest boss fight up to that point, it’s satisfying, the story beats are good.

It also feels like the end of the game.

After this, the last three(!!) zones are far less mysterious than the previous ones, feeling more like Demonic Office Dungeons than representations of the sins of humanity, and at this point the player feels more like he’s going through the motions than really doing anything different from what he did earlier. They’re long and just kind of tiring. The story beats are more about setting up the Law/Chaos divide in concrete terms and honestly are not at all interesting in how they go about doing it.

Most people I know who played the game gave up either during or just after Eridanus.

The kidnapping scene near the end was probably the most interesting one but it also affects your ending choice the most dramatically of anything in the game. But, of course, the law/chaos paths are gatekeepered by a boss that, if you’re not prepared for, will probably be just about impossible, so if you wanted to do those you could be in trouble.

It just feels anticlimactic.

Add to that:

  • Atlus’s remakes haven’t played with pacing much, which doesn’t seem encouraging to me.
  • did we really need a skintight suit lady to be added
  • Even though the protagonist doesn’t speak and his face is not even visible most of the game, we still do not have a female protagonist in a mainline SMT game.
  • SMT4 really ramped up the nationalism and this is likely the same team, after they finished with Apocalypse.

and … Eh? We’ll see.


can anyone who knows nocturne very well tell me where to go after mifunashiro

everyone’s saying “the tower” but I can’t remember where that is at all


It’s near the assembly of nihilo


off the top of my head i think you want the second entrance to assembly of nihilo, if you go east i think from ginza over the bridge and follow the road around for a while you end up near a tower with an item cache that turns out to be a forced battle and the entrance is just north


thanks! I finally got there, it was the “from ginza” part I was just totally forgetting


ok I finally have the dang fourth kalpa open, time to take another several-months break

daisojou / black frost / red rider is a good team tho


get some scrubs in there


I’m just waiting until I catch up to black frost’s level so I can actually fuse some mitama onto him


i’m not sure if i’m ready for persona 5. i haven’t been able to finish 3 or 4. i pretty much lose steam (though in the case of 4 i lost my memory card with a 60 hour save) and just look up the endings on yourtub. i’m not sure why, i want to like them because they’re basically Anime I Can Stand, but turn-based systems don’t hold my attention liked they used to. even press-turn, which is pretty nice.

the ui is gross and fantastic, we need more things like it


I underestimated Persona 5’s charms. A nice variety once things get rolling. Silly very mild spoiler:


I … I think they put the wrong staffer on this


this is going to be one of those games that’ll make my twitter timeline unreadable for a couple of weeks isn’t it


I’m choosing to read “I played Pokemon Go in Croydon” as a list of qualifications for the review


I’m sure Atlus are sick of it, but I have half a mind to wait for Persona 5 Crimson on a portable. I might end up using cell tethering to remotely play it on my Vita - that’d work, right? It’s the ideal Switch game - bimodal play style suitable for short or long sessions.

The setup for the MC’s displacement in the beginning is compelling but I don’t trust Atlus not to fuck up the gender politics this time.

The Giant Bomb preview had them lost in a convincing mock of Shibuya station which I hope is indicative of more interesting navigation than picking places from a menu.



the best part of sj’s chaos route is that it’s the route the speedrun picks

because the final boss can be made to kill itself with a reflected attack in one turn.


i’m heading to sleep but the weekly nocturne speedrun is on WR pace for once if anyone wants to watch it blow up by the time i wake up:

edit: apparently, it was WR, at 13:11. huh.