the end of MegaTen as we know it


no one’s talking smt so i’m resurrecting the thread for the strange journey opening anime


smt hd project is gonna have an announcement on oct 23rd

announcements of announcements


Strange Journey had like the strangest soundtrack I’ve heard for a game in years

Excited to hear what this’ll do


also the series will have a commemorative live concert soon, plus the limited edition of the new Strange Journey will have 2 CD’s worth of SMT series music arrangements.

also, instead of this persona all night bullshit garbage, why can’t we have nice things like DDS ROCKING ALL NIGHT rhythm game.




i really disliked smt4 but i can’t help but be excited at how much more Nocturne that looked


I’m cautiously optimistic here. Hopefully it’s not as animu or imitative as SMT IV and Apocalypse.


It felt visually somewhere between Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE + Persona 5 - which is understandable. Just slather on more grit, cool geometry.

Oh and Kaneko, intravenously.


hoping for more nocturne


The Question:

if it meant returning to an era of better storytelling, would you also be willing to return to random encounters?




hoping it’s its own thing that also happens to be good



absolutely-fucking-not :frowning_face:


the original trailer was already extremely hype, particularly the smt1 shoutout. this trailer is from another dimension, i’m pretty sure. also, smt1 shoutout+. i do hope that’s the title screen.



Demons griping about crummy gig economy roles is exactly what would make me engage with this title


defeat yhvh, creator of neoliberalism


[sean connery almost falls to his death]



japan gets nuked due to a spat between trump and kim. believe!


how come we haven’t got a Zardoz demon in SMT?