the end of MegaTen as we know it


Ometeotl is my new favourite Megaten demon(s). Look at this cool monstrosity

They never got any big role in any game, AFAIK they’re not even a random enemy or boss, but just a potential fusion result (without being interestingly elusive either, like Jeanne D’Arc or Huang Di are)
They have one really unique quirk in SMT4 in that they are constantly spinning during demon conversation, so you can see both sides of the design, and I think they’re the only demon in the game who do that? Hard to notice because you have to get out of your way to talk to Ometeotl.

Beyond the lower half of the body being another top half, there’s another hidden aspect to their design I didn’t notice at first…But it’s really obvious in retrospect and so sexual I can’t help but burst out laughing everytime I see it

Ometeotl is a real Kaneko Bingo winner with body horror, striking color work, relevance to the source material, genitals, an air of dignity, etc, all rolled in one design, and it’s a crime that this scan is the highest res picture I could find on the net


Found one a bit better.

There’s a nice rip of all demon and character art from IV + F/A floating around, which are high res but with some grit and pixelation from the 3DS format.

I got both Ometeotl and Jeanne in each game respectively, I think the latter by fusion accident and relatively early. It was hard to part ways!


Ometeotl is one of my favorite demon designs in the series. All the Aztec demons are pretty choice! (s/o to Tlazolteotl aka Toilet Goddess)

gods, i need to splurge on a Kaneko Works sometime. Whichever one has all that glossy Nocturne art of the Demifiend beating ass


It’s Volume III that has the Nocturne art and more up-to-date demon designs (well, as of ten years ago). I recommend Digital Devil Apocalypse, though, it has Kaneko’s older stuff up to, I believe, Soul Hackers? It’s pretty rad.


The 3DS version of Soul Hackers has bigger bust art for the characters, so I’ve ripped and uploaded them along with the demon and character sprites. There was another file with the smaller PSX/Saturn busts, so I included those, as well.



What’s your team(s) look like?


also the first three volumes of kaneko works got reprinted recently, so they’re not outrageously expensive anymore.


Oh i am so glad you asked. i love showing off my demonz :smiley:

my cool and powerful demifiend

my squad for taking on Lucifer, who i almost certainly over-prepared for (guess we’ll see). i spent a frankly pretty stupid amount of time fusing a custom Black Frost and Lilith just because they’re two of my favorite demons and i wanted them there at the end (and even then i kinda half-assed it which is why Lilith has Mazio and no Debilitate). Vishnu is my pinch hitter

i wanted these jerks on my Lucy fighting team but i fucked up and maxed out their skills before i could get Pierce on them (for those who don’t know, Lucifer is highly resistant to all elements and the only way to make fighting him not tedious is to get Pierce, which cuts through physical resistance). Metatron is a decent backup healer/buffer and Beelzebub turns endgame random battles into a joke but otherwise they’re mostly here for bragging rights

the Megapixie, who’s also here for bragging rights. FUN FACT if you use her as a fusion sacrifice, it instantly shoots any demon up to level 99!

Mother Harlot, who pretty much singlehandedly (and multi-headedly) carried me through the end of the Amala Labyrinth. Every time she casts a spell she takes a big, slow swig of her goblet first. She rules

Surt, who made the physical reflect/absorb enemies in the last dungeon very easy because he’s the one demon in the game who’s basic attack isn’t physical element (it’s fire-based, but buffs with Taru-Kaja and is affected by Attack All)




I had a 100%ish file on my PS2 card, maybe just short of completing the compendium w/Flyzelbub and anything else that relates to. YHVH knows where that is present day, present time.

You have to level him from base form iirc and for some reason that was taking me forever.




Featuring model-ripped Bayonetta from the Devil May Cry seires!



In SMT4a demons can sometimes offer you items after levelling up, just as a free gift

I found out that if you fuse one of the game’s antagonists after defeating them, and have them give you an item that way, they’ll only ever give you the most basic potion item out of spite, and in the most passive agressive way. Thumbs up