the end of MegaTen as we know it


You’ve made me want to go back and finish Soul Hackers through this and the screenshots thread but there’s just so much older MegaTen I’ve yet to exp. The third or fourth sequence where you switch to the secondary crew I got sidetracked.

Really leaning towards SMT II, never touched it.


2 didn’t stick out as much to me as 1 and then 3 did. But you’ll understand some of the references littered throughout the later games, especially 3, if you did. It plays smoother than 1, but it doesn’t have that suburban cyberpunk feel like 1 and 3 do. it has the best Chaos and disco themes in the entire franchise, though. and the orchestral arrange album that came out when the game did somehow turned out very good and is worth listening to even if you wind up not liking the game’s OST (just leave it on in the background sometime). also, beth is one of my favorite character designs (PSX version / SNES version / Blue and Green (Should Not Be Seen (At Least Not Together)) Concept version) in the franchise. she looks so rad.

soul hackers is rad, though. i love playing a game about hackers with weird science-style hacking scenes but without having to actually do any hacking. also, difficulty-wise, if shin megami tensei are marlboro reds (or camel turkish royals), and persona are marlboro lights (or camel turkish silvers), then this would be marlboro mediums (or camel turkish golds).


also:sh_backupper_01 sh_backupper_02

fuuuck yeah.


soul hackers is the most vaporwave game, love the soundtrack

not into smt2, it reminded me of msx metal gear 2 in that there’s an enormous amount of backtracking around the same two or three areas before you do anything interesting and i always drop off halfway through


my favorite song in soul hackers is the Spookies HQ theme.


Soul Hackers is the only non-Persona SMT I’ve been able to finish without getting burnt out or distracted, and I’ve tried them all. The aesthetic is just the perfect distillation of what I would daydream about after seeing in gaming mags growing up hoping and praying that they’d release over here.


So speaking of 3ds megatens, are all the Redux and Overclocked enhanced versions considered the best ones of their games? Despite the convenience I’m always a bit vary for a game’s balance when a “save wherever” system is added to one with previously very strict checkpoints.


Redux apparently adds anime horseshit to Strange Journey and takes away all the Kaneko character portraits :frowning:


which is the story going forward. the old guard at atlus is gone and buried. Kuzunoha and Strange Journey games were the last of the Kaneko era (iirc Kuzunoha ideas had been floating around for years) and the basic setting and premise of SMT IV was outlined by Kaneko as well. considering how Apocalypse turned out, Persona games becoming waifu sims, weeb shit in Strange Journey redux, expect the series to become even more generic weeb shit in the future.

also now that they handed out Persona games to a new director, I bet what we will have going forward is even more conservatively weeby than the Hashino years.


Overclocked is strictly better than the original. I love how its added content is endgame, route-locked

SJ Redux is more of a mixed bag but I prefer it over the original.

  • There aren’t any app slots anymore, you can just use them all no strings attached. It’s AMAZING, and balanced compared to the first game if you play on hard
  • You don’t lose if the main character dies anymore, if you get the app
  • The new dungeon is absurdly big and I love it and all its bosses
  • Save anywhere is easy to forget since the old savepoints are still there
  • New story is… not amazing, but tolerable. Please do not think this is anywhere near as trashy as SMT Apocalypse
  • The Doi designs for humans are close enough to the Kaneko ones, and the space crew gets some much welcome actual art
  • The new demons are pretty bad though. Zeus is a beefed up Daganronpa bear and is the worst thing about this game
  • Mastema makes a >:-( face instead of his usual :^} face if you fight him, which is also unforgivable
  • Higher resolution is nice, but the backgrounds now look dreadful compared to something like Etrian Odyssey 4
  • The virgin mary (Maria) is a new boss. Unfortunately she’s just a generic « prove your strength to me » boss


oh my god, that soul hackers music. i slept on that one, i need to play it just for that muuuuusic

i am playing Strange Journey OG right now and trying to finish it this time (3rd time trying to). It’s a cool, good little dungeon crawler but… i don’t like the music i don’t think! It’s “interesting” for SMT music, but i like SMT music the way it usually is for a Reason

hmm. maybe i’ll out sj on hold again and play soul hackers instead


i’m pretty sure they hint at kuzunoha raidou in the bonus interview video with kazuma kaneko and cozy okada that came with eternal punishment. raidou’s design is also re-hashed from a phone card made for a mystery novel company I think (or maybe it was a novel, but I only ever saw the scan of the phone card) that kazuma kaneko drew in like, 1999 or 2000 (which itself is heavily biting yasunori kato).

I did not like Strange Journey. It was just really… I don’t know, bland? And I was never a fan of the Etrian Odyssey system. Which is too bad, because the story is kind of cool.

Soul Hackers is 1,000% cooler than Strange Journey.

Also recommending some of the Hyper Arrange album tracks. Some of them are amazingly goofy. This one is sung by the various Soul Hackers characters, including the Spookies and Manitou. “I can’t wait to get your tender, finger-lickin’ soul up on my plate” is a pretty good lne.


I’ve already went on on these forums about inhumane staircases in RPGs, and these ones in Shibuya from SMT4A are a pretty good example:

Just imagine a pregnant woman trying to climb these

Another aspect of worldbuilding where SMT4A falls short compared to SMT4 : Stairs


I originally gave up and sold soul hackers about halfway thru, but this thread made me miss it and I went to go look for it again today. All the stores near me that used to have 13 dollar CIB copies are sold out and it’s like pretty expensive on eBay now so I think that’s a sign I should just forget about playing it and continue listening to the soundtrack.


i mean there’s always


yeah it’s worth looking into if you still want to play 3ds stuff i think


It seems like the only way now is some thing where you use your expensive gpu to brute force some kind of key? Also pretty soon I plan on playing culdcept online with some randos assuming it’s not dead at this point.


Er, what? I’ve been emulating Soul Hackers 3DS this whole time without brute forcing anything or using an “expensive” GPU…

ETA: unless you mean playing the ROM on the 3DS itself. then, no clue about that. but i was able to decrypt the CIA using my 6 year old computer for use with CITRA with no problem.


Yes like to hack your 3ds in general if you’re on the latest firmware now…


ah that sucks, i did mine a couple of years ago and at the time it was just a point of putting a bunch of exploit stuff on an sd card