the end of MegaTen as we know it


yeah, your character’s gender determines their and their partner’s HP. it’s dumb.


[extremely complicated joke about how the south park game obviously ripped off the feature where your difficulty level is set according to the colour of your skin except that’s a very problematic analogy given the late 19th and early 20th century history of white women’s progressive politics vis-a-vis black men’s]


as far as i can tell, the female option gets no advantage to make up for the HP cut, either.


I wonder how long until ubisoft (it would definitely be ubisoft) makes some disastrous antebellum-era assassin’s creed in which you have to decide whether to side with susan b anthony or frederick douglass

if your s-links are high enough you get the secret ottilie assing route


next time they reboot mortal kombat they should add a finishing move called intersectionality


you can impale someone on literal bell hooks


the only selling point of this game for me was that it’s the first megaten ive seen with a gender select so the fact that they still fucked it up is a good punchline


There should be some equipment differences between genders, it’s a staple of oldschool Megaten

Usually the girl gets spells but I guess that’s out when she’s the protag


vit/HP stat is for noobs anyway


so is this any good
and how long is it assuming i get through these things relatively quickly and have smt experience


it’s ok. it’s a sidestory and it definitely shows.

i like that they have these wall adapters attached to their arms:
if_AC_male if_AC_female


having watched let’s plays of If… it looks cool and also looks like it gets fucking intolerable to play by the end. but really, what SMT games wouldn’t that describe


snes9x’s tool for creating cheats is perfect for when you get frustrated with an SNES SMT game. also made these trying to figure out a way to remove the gender gimp (didn’t come up with anything).

Equipment ignores your gender

Change protagonist’s gender
7E100600 - Male
7E100601 - Female (-5HP for Heroine + Partners)


thought this was funny:

Interviewer : Is Kuzunoha Kyouji’s appearance inspired by Lupin the Third?
Kaneko: It’s one of the inspirations, yes. In my mind, Kyouji’s appearance was a mix of the first animated Lupin the Third, the TV version of “Detective Story”, “Ace Ventura Pet Detective” and the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Detective” from “The Adventures of Ford Fairlane”.

Interview : About the arm terminal…The Megaten world has got an unexpectedly technologically advanced society and yet the hardware and the monitor are linked through a cable. Why?
Kaneko : That is in order to avoid electronic jamming. Having a cable will reduce the risks of getting hacked. Apparently PHS and microwaves are bad for the brain…but oh weeell, I didn’t really think about it (laughs).


i wanna gush about how Nocturne handles random encounters. If you have not played it: you have 2 gauges on the screen when you’re wandering around between encounters

the one in the upper left is the phase of Kagatsuchi, who is a divine sun god that burns at the center of the vortex world that Nocturne takes place in, and is also the final boss of the game. He has 8 phases of brightness that affect various other mechanics (my favorite being that at 8/8 or FULL Kagatsuchi, demons are intoxicated by his blinding light, fighting at full strength and talking/acting like they’re fucking wasted). The phases move from NEW (0/8) to FULL every 20 or so steps you take.

the one in the lower right is your compass, but the pulsing light within displays various colors depending on how close you are to getting in a battle. when it’s blue there’s 0% chance of being attacked, from green to yellow there’s a low-moderate chance, and when it’s red you have a high chance of being attacked.

This normally increases with every step, but! you also gain access to spells and items that either raise or lower the encounter rate. Lowering it forces the encounter gauge to be green/yellow most of the time, and will even jump back from red danger to green-yellow. Raising it means you are yellow-red most of the time, and get into encounters every couple steps. These spells/items are timed by Kagutsuchi’s phases; they reset at each NEW Kagutsuchi. so you have a very clear picture of when you’re either safe, or wildly less safe

On top of this: there’s a chance that extra groups of enemies will attack within a single battle after you destroy the first wave (this is a thing in Megaten and afaik is unique among JRPGs). When the encounter rate is up, your chance of fighting extra waves also goes up

SO it’s both very easy to limit your encounters in Nocturne (which is often helpful because the natural encounter rate is pretty high), and easy to grind for experience/money as well as find more demons to contract. AND you can set the duration of the encounter effect to your comfort because of how predictable the Kagutsuchi phases are.

very extremely good game :kiss: :ok_hand:





the protagonist looks like bill pullman.

i wish your units didn’t all look exactly the same on the screen, though.

This guy has some collar.

Majin%20Tensei%20II%20-%20Spiral%20Nemesis%20(J)026 Majin%20Tensei%20II%20-%20Spiral%20Nemesis%20(J)033
I love the battle screens.


also, majin tensei ii’s box art is definitely among the raddest of box arts.


this isn’t going to be useful to 99% of people, but i wanted to give myself a specific item in the 3DS version of Soul Hackers, and there was only a code to give you every item. I didn’t want every item, I wanted just one specific item. So, I decided to make the code, but in the process of trying to get the item I wanted, I wound up logging the value of every item in the game, so here are patch codes for every item in the 3DS version of Soul Hackers in case you’re emulating the game in Citra and want an item.

i also discovered several items had name changes. the Ruger P95DC became just “9mm Pistol”, Benelli M1590 became “12-gauge Semi”, Mossberg became “12-gauge Pump”, SPAS15 became “12-gauge Combat”, Ingram M10 became “.45 Auto Pistol”, Nambu Type 100 became “8mm SMG”, et cetera. Changing them is understandable, but it’s kind of disappointing they didn’t come up with parody names.

“Jabar Foot” probably should’ve been “Jabbar Foot”.