tell me about some j-rock maybe


I introduced Summer Vacation to O’Summer Vacation and feel pretty good about that.



tell me about more albums with emotional female vocals over fast drums and electric guitars. japanese is optional, but uplift spice and ling tosite sigure are both relevant and i didn’t want to make a new thread

i have simple tastes and this is what i want in my life at the moment

also damn tibyz, i forgot how much boris shreds, it’s great. i’ve only listened to Mabuta no Ura but i should try some more of their stuff


chirinuruwowaka isn’t quite strong enough for me but they’re pretty cool regardless




my original post had other bands to recommend but i thought it would be Too Much. good thing you’re giving me an excuse to name some of 'em! :mischievous:

cursory answer is afrirampo. they are a noise-rock-duo whose songs tend to be somewhat long and rely a lot on performative shenanigans as intermissions in concerts (see 7’25" on the video). those two seem to have immeasurable amounts of fun playing and they have amazing solo stuff of their own.

most of the time i find them to be most enjoyable when i just listen/watch without doing anything else. nowadays this is great for me, but understandable if not for you. “A’” is the album to start listening alongside their live performances on youtube.

then there’s chatmonchy. they are bubbly and earnest. “mimi nari” is a great album but i think their work is better compressed in single-releases (“koi no kemuri” being my favorite).

(i cried listening to this song once.)

maybe you can shoe-horn some of JUDY AND MARY’s discography in this category? they are my favorite band i just found out about this year.

on contemporary stuff there’s otori:

you probably already know about it but midori is mind-meltingly good. lots of screaming. mariko goto, the band’s frontman, used to have a band called usagi that has some of the angriest music i’ve ever listened to.

have you heard “INSTANT RADICAL”? it is, i think, the closest they ever did to the one you mentioned (which owns, obvs).

i ask because it has only been featured in compilation albums and single-releases if i recall correctly. maybe you’ll like it too~


That song’s pretty good, thanks.

For female vocals I like this song from last fall. It’s not as hard rockin’ though.


i like this a lot, actually




is sambomaster good
they did a naruto opening

can i bring myself ot listen to anime op music

wheres that ska thread




Man I came in to rep for them because goddamn if some of their stuff doesn’t just hit some weird version of exactly what I want from a Japanese punk band with a massive crush on the first two Weezer albums.

And yeah, Sambomaster is good shit.


Sambomaster is fucking great.


uplift spice’s self-titled album is really excellent if you can manage to get your hands on it


granted i think all of their albums are really good


not what you want

but you never know


Supercar thread? Supercar thread.

also, most visual kei is absolutely terrible shit. mainly because there’s probably three guys who write the songs for the whole industry.


i was also gonna pop in here and post some gism, afrirampo, mass of the fermenting dregs, etc but i’ll just be super uncool and post some dir en grey which surely nobody here likes at all! but they’re also not exactly visual kei any longer and although i still mostly enjoy albums like gauze and macabre (while they kinda took a dive after vulgar, which i think might be their best, and i lost interest for a while) their most recent stuff is actually really good imo.


Dir en grey is cool, probably one of the better visual kei acts out there. All their albums are distinct, so it’s even difficult to say which one is their best. Maybe Macabre, Marrow of a Bone and Uroboros?

Heard they’re pretty dysfunctional as a group, though. If I’m not mistaken then for their Dum Spiro Spero album, they didn’t even record anything together, just sent each other their parts. By the time they had to start touring, their performances were shit.