tell me about some j-rock maybe


funny thing is most of those are my least favorite! i pretty much like the earlier stuff up through vulgar, which again i think might be their best, and then their most recent, arche. some of their best songs are definitely on gauze, macabre, and kisou, imo. uroboros has a few really good ones, yeah.




zone knows



what on earth its the psf thread

the late shizuka miura and band (shizuka) playing “measuring loneliness” which of course you know is…

the “fallin’ stars end” progression! (go to at least 0:40 but please stick around for 4:05 onwards when you’ll get emotionally clobbered if you’re like me)


what on earth… mizutani playing with shizuka??? playing “measuring loneliness”??? it’s the closest thing we’ll ever have to a mizutani / kurihara collab. but we can always dream…


I recommend not wearing headphones.


I’ve been neglecting this thread so I’ll be posting stupid shit for a while



maximum WOO~


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Little more pop-y than most of the stuff in this thread but anyone got any recommendations like sotaisei riron? I love this shit


as far as ethereal otherworldly jpop, check out Miharu Koshi


ooh, what about satomi takasugi?


this song doesn’t seem to exist on youtube anymore so i had to re-up

something about that little keyboard loop combined with the cello gets to me


Yes actually, that was probably the first place I went after listening to all of her work with sotaisei riron. Radio Onsen Euphonium is really good imo. Her more experimental albums are pretty cool but I don’t like them quite as much.

Defiantly closer to her solo work than sotaisei riron but I like this a lot, thanks.

Also pretty good.


i know they’ve been mentioned, but just



Jun Togawa with Susumu Hirasawa


more recent stuff is less funky but still pretty good: