tell me about some j-rock maybe


so i’ve spent a few hours listening to uplift spice and it’s given me some good feelings. i guess their most famous song(?) is omega rhythm and that’s how i got into them so i’ll link it here:

i have pretty much never been in the loop on what music is Hip and Cool and Shows Good Taste–i mean, most of my music library is film and game soundtracks, followed by chiptunes and stuff i heard degenerate weeb friends playing once or whatever–so i can never tell how basic i’m being when i talk about liking something. but hey, this is a thing i like and you can talk about things you like in here too if you want


despite about five years of improv/composition and a passable-to-decent background in music theory, this is probably still the medium i’m least capable of formulating any kind of critical thoughts about: i’m really firing on all cylinders when i go beyond “i like this/i don’t like this.” e.g. i can’t come up with a concrete reason uplift spice is better than the glut of 2000s trashy “alt”-rock i don’t care about, but i’m sure there’s something behind it.


I still think INU’s Meshi Kuu Na blazes


Obligatory Sambomaster rec
Obligatory Zazen Boys rec


Immediately thought of this when I listened to the song in the OP.

As far as general j-rock, I love Bloodthirsty Butchers.

If you don’t have j-skillz a browser extension like Rikaichan can help transliterate names for you.


hmm, i don’t get much of an emotional through-line from zazen boys stuff

yeah this is some real good shit


Bloodthirsty Butchers have tons of albums over 20+ years. Hisako Tabuchi joined in the mid aughts for nice duets and dueling guitars. Drop me a PM if you need help finding their stuff.


listening to ling tosite sigure - just a moment right now

i thought i couldn’t enjoy straight-up scream vocals but I Was Wrong, this album has been using them in a pretty thoughtful way. the constant switches between rhythms/instrumentation/tone in every song are engaging and surprisingly cathartic

edit: “a over die” is phenomenal, wow

edit 2: yeah this whole album is great and i’m gonna have to listen to it a couple more times tonight


i only know zazen boys and not very well at that, but i <3 <3 <3 this song

it makes me emotional but that has a lot to do w/ the strong memories i associate w/ the song & album. it also just has a flaming hot bass solo


oh yeah i like this. it’s closer to chillwave than the more active, intense stuff i’m digging for at the moment, but it’s good regardless


Did someone say Yoshida Ichiro??

This is the fucking jam.


I generally don’t listen to music to “emotionally connect,” although sometimes it happens. Mostly I like some funky ass beats.



You want sambomasters first three albums yeah.

There is X-Japan who I think are pretty great and then a billion Visual Kei bands that to this day are chasing that high. Even X-Japan is after the songwriter commited suicide. I listen to ska and punk and even I think all that shit sounds exactly the same.

The Blue Hearts are untouchable. The High-Lows have some pretty good songs and The Cro-Magnons keep making solid unremarkable music.

Rin toshite tsugure flipped from being underground to mainstream at some point which baffles me because they sound exactly the same.

The through line in this post is if a Japanese band makes more than three albums they will just continue to make that third album until they quit.

Melt Banana has a really long career that is intimidating but their recent album Fletch is pretty great.

Without looking up youtube here are other bands on my ipod right now: toddle, akaikane, nyautanyauta, boris, BP., for tracy hyde, gingnangboyz, inu, jacks, kimonos, looprider, nuxx, oreskaband, o’summer vacation, princess princess, puffyshoes, ringo sheena, satalite young, sugarhill downtown orcestra, kamaboiler


cool vid


wait do you mean “j-rock” as an analogue to “j-pop” as the particular shape of musical ethos consolated in the mid-90s/early aughts or just rock music that happens to be from japan in general? i mean not that it matters all that much but hey.

anyhow no one in this thread said the One True Answer that is number girl. i’m disappointed.

hey seven listen to number girl, they are the flagship of all that is tasteful rock music over the last eighteen years. maybe i shouldn’t say these things; it’s a topic that gets me pumped from thinking/talking about (i have a large essay on my personal diary full of words about them and the bands generated by the members after the disbanding).

  • their first album (“school girl bye bye”) is the most “blue-skies and freedom” they ever got.

  • “school girl distortional addict” is the most famous; every song is single-worthy and it mixes heavyness and playfulness masterfully(most of their songs kiind of do it, but not quite to this extent). it’s number-girl-soup.

  • “sappukei” is maybe the toughest (as exemplified by hisako tabuchi’s performance here) . it also hints to some in-development weirdness started in the previous album.

  • “NUM-HEAVYMETALLIC” is the weirder/pop-ier one. i love it.

but uhm more to what you were asking: if you like ling-toshite shigure and uplift spice you’ll probably have a grand time listening to vola & the oriental machine, toddle (both being number girl’s daughters, mind you) and bokutachi no iru tokoro.



i dunno, just A moment was phenomenal but still a sigure virgin didn’t do it for me the same way. that’s a pretty small sample size though so idk

i remember tim talking about the blue hearts at some point and that’s the extent of my exposure to them

anyway i guess i’ve got a lot of homework now, huh? looking forward to it ^~^


Number girl has never comnected with me and I have been trying for 8 years.


I know this is a jrock thread but don’t forget to listen to some, uh…english-language rock, sometime


Number Girl is potential realized in the bands formed afterwards IMO. Toddle is the best of the blue skies and Zazen Boys is the best of the weird. The only Number Girl song where I feel both in harmony is “Kuromegachina Shoujo.”

@Rudie probably has the scoop on jagged English-language rock. He repped Summer Vacation like five years ago and it’s still in heavy rotation.