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I can’t remember the last time I actually saw a live television commercial, other than perhaps out of the corner of my eye in a public place. But I was thinking about this one again while doing some work outside this morning. I never watched it straight through, but I skimmed it fairly thoroughly when it was new in 2014.

1:29:00 to 1:29:30 is probably my favorite part.

Here’s another one that I like from before I was born (normal length, not six hours).


tv commercials are super weird. i don’t think i realized how different the commercials that play when you stream from online sites are from the commercials that are actually on tv, until i actually watched Real TV in a hotel recently. all of the commercials have this really weird humor that seems like it was written as dry and sardonic but then amped up during the shooting process to just feel really hyperactive. they’re clearly trying to imitate, like, meme humor? but it just comes across as lolrandom and extremely irritating. i can’t think of any good examples but i find it kind of exhausting.

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Destroy all advertising forever


commercials now are purposefully designed to make people stop fast forwarding through their dvrs so there’s been kind of a weirdness arms race with increasingly diminishing returns


i just saw one of these again after not seeing them in a while and i just like seeing terry crews getting paid to keep doing his thing

i can’t remember if some of these were directed by Eric Wareheim or not


Cereal commercials from my youth:

BOO! NEW! L! EAT! OHS! These were bitchin’, they were like Honey Kix, but with a nice cinnamon flavor added to them. They lasted like, maybe a year.

I hated Hidden Treasures as a child, but now I’m always on the look out for a cereal like it. I’ve only seen Krave cereal so far, but they only have like, chocolate and stuff, no fruit flavor. There’s a better rip of this, but it doesn’t begin with a flash of the Power Rangers logo, so fuck it.

This actually depresses me because it reminds me of a time when holidays actually mattered to me.

I forgot American cops used to be Irish schmucks.

Non-cereal commercials from my youth:

That laugh at 18 seconds, man.

Ho ho ho!


The Dr Dreadful food and drink labs were the Holy Grail of Toys for me as a child.

Commercials are a fucking media tumor.


I guess I’m supposed to resent advertising but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying some commercials/ads

For example, pretty much every cartoon I watched as a kid in the 90s

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On New Year’s Eve I brought this up to some people I had just met:

They seemed kind of weirded out, but nevertheless were a bit disappointed I didn’t go to the male strip club with them afterward.

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I think we can agree that any pharmaceutical commercial ever made deserves to be highlighted in this thread. The surreal dreamscapes, slow shutter speed and forced happiness has always horrified me. To think we actually sell drugs that cause suicidal thoughts and aggression towards others to curb a smoking habit. It’s such a bizarre situation and we never really discuss it like we should.

Well, the person who did the “Too Many Cooks” thing put out a video addressing these issues and it’s one of the best horror movies released in the last 5 years. It’s only 10 minutes long and worth your time I think.


Advertising irritates me beyond rationality. I think it has to do with how easily distracted I am and how overwhelming commercials are. They are these Objects that demand Attention, but provide nothing in return.

Which is why I’ll make an exception for the recent Old Spice commercials. That shit is genuinely funny.



you’ll call now


I was so excited to hear my favorite Ed Schrader song in that!


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Look this one commercial uses the title theme from the Ocean Software Robocop game on the Game Boy

So I’ll give it a pass


It’s weird to remember how wildly popular and enjoyable TV commercials were with my family and I in the 90s. Like, obviously this commercial (or one like it) launched a fleet of commercials and print ads, but it’s not just that they blitzed us with this shit. My family and friends talked about this commercial all the fucking time.

Same thing with the early Geico commercials, though I barely remember what those were now.

I’m really not sure why I thought this dumb, slick commercial for something called Genuity (never figured out quite what it was) was the coolest thing in 2000.

EDIT: I loved this commercial so much I spent half a day downloading a Real Media video file of it over our 56k modem.


I never thought pop culture would be able to propel Aaron Burr any higher.

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I don’t really have an opinion any commercial I can recall at the moment (other than, c’mon General, you can probably afford better CGI if you can get Shaq hawking your insurance)

my only purpose is to remind everyone that this was a thing

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