Switch! (Part 2)

banjo kazooie, spyro, crash bandicoot, all my favorite Microsoft franchises


The control scheme is impossible and there is no remap options.

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Can’t you remap globally in the system settings like on PS4?

IIRC whatever kludge they did with the C buttons is unfixable that way.

Joycons were losing connection in handheld mode constantly so I cleaned the contacts with isopropyl alcohol on coffee filters. :+1:


the only readily available consumer brand of isopropanol here is this stuff that bills itself as a ‘lotion’ despite being 65% and smells like public toilet soap, i hate it


oh, oh no

Is there some dark web trick to getting all the fruits in Animal Crossing without interacting with other people?

I’ve never used the online features and we’ve only got peaches and apples over here.

iirc go to nook mile & mystery islands til you get them all


I might change my Switch’s region to Japan and try this. I’d enjoy Great Ace Attorney and SMT V in Japanese a lot more I think (plus it’s practice, and the region lockiness of everything can make it tricky to get regular reading practice when you live overseas)


you don’t need to do that

just make a second NNID set to Japan

games bought on the account are recognized by your main account if they’re universal SKUs and it effectively makes your Switch region free since you can always just open the eshop on your main account and get back to your main region’s shop


OK, thanks. It’s helpful that if I don’t lose access to my existing library.

I assume you mean Nintendo Account, not NNID (that’s the deprecated account type used on 3DS and Wii U). And it looks like I still need to do the Amazon.jp eshop points trick

Yeah takes like 3 seconds and an email address to make a Japanese account.

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yeah, super easy to just set up a second account. you don’t even have to log into it to play any of those games either.

thanks for the heads up on eshop cards, really good to know.

Splatoon 3 gameplay? :open_mouth:


Just realised that since Microsoft owns Activision/Blizzard and they typically have a good working relationship with Nintendo then it’s more likely than ever that Sakurai comes out of retirement just to put Crash Bandicoot in Smash before retiring to his mansion.

excited to finally see news on the new F-Zero

which certainly has to be announced this time



One notable thing about this is that you have to have a japanese address to “ship” to, even though it is a digital code. You can get one from a forwarding service easily that will work just fine (I have tested this) and cost nothing. But yeah, your normal cards will work there just fine and it’s not a problem.

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Can’t wait for them to announce a remake of Yoshio Sakamoto’s Gumshoe as a companion piece to last year’s Famicom Detective Club rereleases.

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Finally, Mario 65