🐅 Sukajan Showcase 🐉

Previously known as I now known everything there is to know about Sukajan from the google

Which frankly wasn’t much. I combined this with that fun old guy and a few other things.

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SNKs has been putting out some banging sukajan.






I talked to the lead…guy? For this company. That is the old man in question. He complained a lot about gucci stealing his designs! He’s been doing it for 40-50 years.

Except…the jackets at least are made in china. Then I have to question where the embrodiery is done and does that even matter.

still my fave:


I went to The One Guy in Yokosuka in Dobuita that was doing this and is doing this. So I guess I am going to get some designs together and get a jacket by the guy.

It would be cheaper than a tailor toyo too.

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There are two shops that have been around since after the war. Prince Shoukai and First Shoukai (First Shop on the label.) Prince had three old ladies hard at work and not paying much mind.

First had a single dude (age 89.) there were about 20 jackets on the walls. He was embroderying as I walked in. He was very polite answering the same dumb questions he’s been asked for 50 years. It would take about three months to make a jacket. I’m pretty busy, got a lot of orders. Unprompted he went “if you bring in a design I’ll put it on.” I got to look at a few customer orders. I really admired a gold/white Tiger jacket and probably would have bought it if it said Doubuita instead of Yokosuka. Oh there it is.

Cut back to Harajuku a few days earlier. An older (60s?) dude once he realized I spoke borderline non-idiot japanese really opened up. Pointed at the jacket behind the counter said "that’s my classic model! Won’t sell it. I got an offer for 7000 dollars. But that’s like the symbol of my art right? I get celebrities coming in all the time.

There was Alice Cooper, Justin Beiber, youtube celebrities I didn’t hope to recognize but if I saw their subscriber numbers I’d vomit.

He continued to tell me the price differences were all down to how long the embrodiery took. He has three shops and the tag on the jacket says made in china. I didn’t ask.

The jacket’s tag lead me to a website. Switch Design is the company doing the SNK designs. Also Lum and One Piece Collabs. He may be designing these things or have made them at one time but don’t think he’s making them anymore. The shop had some kickass designs though.

He pointed out his tiger design and went Gucci stole my damn design man. I see these fucking world fashion designers taking my shit.

“I think two colors on a reversible is tacky as hell. My designs. Both sides are one color. It only makes sense!”

40 minutes earlier we were in the same conpany’s other store in Harajuku. I asked the clerk if these were made in Japan. She gave a “yes.” I asked “but where?” “I…don’t know.” Then she wondered off behind the counter. I regret not asking the old guy where it was made. Instead I was just asking questions about material.

At Mikasa Vol. 2 they sold 3 brands. Tailor Toyo, Hoshihime, and Mikasa. Mikasa had a single Dragon embroidery design and I could see their active sewing machine.

This all started a few days ago because a friend would not shut up about Tailor Toyo. I hold the thought in my mind if I am going to entertain spending 500 dollars on a piece of clothing I can probably get it custom made. Sukajan were so much born out of identity and customization that buying a high fashion brand makes me dig my tongue into my incisors. But Tailor Toyo got all the old parachute rayon they could. They make a lot of stuff like they used to and sell it at an extreme price.

What I’ve tried on seemed good. They had a reversable velvet.


So I now have access to one of the guys that does this. So I guess I am thinking about what my own sukajan would look like. Where and how do I put a symbol of selectbutton on it?


As for where; I think below(or maybe above) the left breast pocket; or right if you do feel it.…

on the posh tailored ones what kind of machine are they using for the embroidery or is it all somehow by hand?

cuz if it’s by hand 500 bucks seem crazy cheap

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Yeah I’ve seen a cat before what are you crazy haha.



Can’t find anything about how they do it on their website.


Here’s their webstore.

I keep looking at the detail on that bear and my mind can’t handle it.

WOW. I am absolutely not comfortable with a jacket both my grandfathers fought in but WOW.

wouldn’t the jacket itself be the part made in china and he just does the embroidery? that doesnt seem to weird

and dang that korean war jacket is too nice to be in a war wow

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How do these wear? They look easy to mess up but maybe I’m underestimating the fabric based on its light appearance.

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i’d smoke up with this guy for sure

This grabs my eye quickest but $500+ ain’t something swingable atm

And if I make it there this year, holy shit must drop by.



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And after years if being mildly self concious of wearing a sukajan in japan I came to the realization oh wait. An American wearing a Sukajan is the exact purpose they were made for.

Modern anime bullshit being on the jacket is almost laser focus of being true to the product.