Steven Universe, don't tumblr my rocks!


I mean, if you’re a kid watching this show, it’s good to understand some of psychology of common shitty behavior they’re going to see out there. I like the Ronaldo and Steven’s Uncle stuff because the episode focuses on understanding why these characters act this way, what they want, what they’re insecure about, etc.

Once you understand where this behavior comes from, you’re equipped to engage with them or dismiss them, however you choose.


If the show were to perpetually shut Ronaldo down, we wouldn’t have so much Ronaldo.

Steven only even gets tangibly impatient with him once.


Surasshu said that Sunstone’s theme was heavily Sega-inspired. It, uh, shows.

Makes sense sonically, as it were, combining chiptune (Steven) and synth bass (Garnet).

Likewise, the Obsidian music owes something to Shadow of the Colossus. Appropriately enough.

Aivi clarified that on the occasions Steven’s more masculine side shows, he’s represented by brass. So that’s where this arrangement comes from, along with the piano, synth bass, and synth drums.

The Rainbow Quartz music was just posted this morning. No commentary on it as yet.