Steven Universe, don't tumblr my rocks!


I mean, if you’re a kid watching this show, it’s good to understand some of psychology of common shitty behavior they’re going to see out there. I like the Ronaldo and Steven’s Uncle stuff because the episode focuses on understanding why these characters act this way, what they want, what they’re insecure about, etc.

Once you understand where this behavior comes from, you’re equipped to engage with them or dismiss them, however you choose.


If the show were to perpetually shut Ronaldo down, we wouldn’t have so much Ronaldo.

Steven only even gets tangibly impatient with him once.


Surasshu said that Sunstone’s theme was heavily Sega-inspired. It, uh, shows.

Makes sense sonically, as it were, combining chiptune (Steven) and synth bass (Garnet).

Likewise, the Obsidian music owes something to Shadow of the Colossus. Appropriately enough.

Aivi clarified that on the occasions Steven’s more masculine side shows, he’s represented by brass. So that’s where this arrangement comes from, along with the piano, synth bass, and synth drums.

The Rainbow Quartz music was just posted this morning. No commentary on it as yet.


Oh, yeah, there’s a new comic as of… I guess technically yesterday now. But today, wake-wise. In which Stevonnie defends a pride parade.

There are several backup stories. Oversize issue. One of them, I guess, involves Vidalia repeatedly misnaming and misgendering Smoky, and it starting to wear them down.


Oh, yeah. And the implication that Garnet threw rocket punches at Stonewall.

The writer says he figures Garnet has been surreptitiously showing up all through recent human history at key queer happenings, to provide backup.


Since I cannot stop looking at it, this was very nearly a cover to the ongoing comic last year. It was turned down in favor of a less… fancy design, though. (The artist currently does background art for DuckTales.)

EDIT: This is the cover they eventually went with, by the same artist. Which is fine, if less, um, ambitious.


That nearlycover is extremely good

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If I still had a working cell phone, that would be my new lockscreen.


Sounds like they’re continuing to shape the show around Callison’s personal situation. Including when he’s going through some serious problems.

I feel a little uncomfortable watching this, as it’s clear at several points he’d rather not be talking but he’s trying to accommodate nonetheless. Still, it’s interesting.

That album is legitimately rather good. Reminds me of Mike Patton in places. Don’t remember if I’ve brought it up here.


So, looks like basically every semi-regular character gets a song in the movie. Including Aimee Mann (presumably as Opal?).

  • Estelle (as Garnet)
  • Patti LuPone (as Yellow Diamond)
  • Uzo Aduba (as Bismuth)
  • Christine Ebersole (as White Diamond)
  • Lisa Hannigan (as Blue Diamond)
  • Zach Callison (as title character Steven Universe)
  • Deedee Magno Hall (as Pearl)
  • Michaela Dietz (as Amethyst)
  • Tom Scharpling (as Greg Universe)
  • Shelby Rabara (as Peridot)
  • Erica Luttrell (as Sapphire)
  • Charlyne Yi (as Ruby)
  • Grace Rolek (as Connie Maheswaran)
  • Jennifer Paz (as Lapis Lazuli)
  • Kate Micucci (as Sadie)
  • Matthew Moy (as Lars)
  • Toks Olagundoye (as Nanefua Pizza)

Right now, pre-SDCC, they’re hitting hard on the musical angle. Co-exec produced by Chance the Rapper (amongst more familiar-to-the-show names, and a key boarder from Gravity Falls). Mike Krol is back. Estelle wrote some original music for the thing.

The music-filled adventure for Steven and his friends will mark his first television movie. Steven thinks his time defending the Earth is over, but when a new threat comes to Beach City, Steven faces his biggest challenge yet.

The performer list also gives us some confirmation that, yes, the movie does indeed follow from the events of season five, and to some extent at least builds from the new status quo, whatever that may be.


So, uh. Look fast at Stevonnie’s social media presence.



Hell fuckin yeah older Steven. he has a neck now!!

There are some older designs of him in a letterman jacket in the art book (he was originally supposed to be a properly teenage character with facial scruff lol), cool that they kept that around

holy shit it looks like the barn got remodeled into a gem apartment complex. and what’s that geodesic dome i spy over on Steven’s house about?

edit: omg just realized Steven is basically wearing trans pride colors <3


oh yeah and i guess “who’s this deedee lookin motherfucker?” but whatever that’s less exciting to me than fuzzy background details and Steven’s neck


like at this point any Gem threat is necessarily small potatoes, your attention’s in the right place imo




I’ve got lots of outre theories as to what may imminent with the movie and following incarnation of the show (and how, plausibly, this Gem may be neither the “small potatoes” that one expects after recent events nor some random new thing grafted into the show), that probably aren’t worth repeating off my Twitter feed, but hey.

I think it’s worth mentioning how the veil of silence is beginning to lift as SDCC approaches. At ConnectiCon this week, Callison and Rolek spoke a bunch about season six, affirming for the first time that it exists (as if it were any real secret) and repeating some of the things Callison said earlier about upcoming episodes. In particular, Callison says his favorite episode of the show to date is the one Maya Petersen tweeted her compliments about, in regard to Callison’s and Rabara’s performances. So, “poignant af,” and involving Steven and Peridot. For what that’s worth.

Friday’s bringing a movie trailer, live debuts of a few new songs, and whatever comes out of the panel discussion. I’d expect mostly fluff, but y’ never know.


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love that the villain is a Fleischer cartoon


They kinda overtly reference this short in “Together Breakfast.”

Which, come to it, is basically the last time IanJQ was directly involved with the show until" Change Your Mind," then the movie.

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