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i’ve seen a bunch of neodusk’s SU comics before, they are pretty cute/fun!

My favorite SU fan art (not counting stuff drawn by people who actually work on Steven Universe) comes from
Really colorful style that’s a good fit, and funny jokes


I’d read a few, but forgotten about them. There were more since!

I recognize this other person’s username, but the art all looks new to me. The melonbird… whee!


Just look at this clod. Walking around like she’s two clods! Nyahahahaha!


drawn by Charlyne Yi, Ruby’s VA


This is adorkable. The blushed cheeks, in particular.

I really prefer Ruby’s look from her first appearance in Jailbreak. Since then, half the time she seems to sport the full square Rubyfro thing, with a headband on top. The former feels more on-model?


Not sure if it’s turned up in this thread, but IanJQ and others have confirmed a few things about “Change Your Mind” (the actual episode that CN is promoting as its Battle of Heart and Mind event for whatever reason). First, yeah, it’s actually produced as a single forty-minute episode rather than four episodes back-to-back. So that’s novel. The other thing is, yeah, it was meant as the actual season five finale, and it’s not just a matter of Cartoon Network being random with how it publicizes things. Which raises questions as to where the team got the six extra episode slots, but hey, whatever.

One wonders how long before CN bothers to air season six. Which they’ve got right there and can show whener they want to. They almost showed this whole current run of episodes a year ago but then just didn’t. France even scheduled them, then had to be yelled at to prevent them from airing them before the US.

Man, the scheduling department here is strange.


Gender and relative queerness in space


Also, this is pretty good.


holy shit.


honestly surprised they went that far in one night but man that was basically a series finale. they didn’t really say that the gems were gonna stop being dictators but i suppose the next plot could be about the power vaccum left behind if they actually do. feel like lars and sadie’s reunion kind of got the short shrift but not as bad as jasper. felt like they were kinda checking off boxes after a certain point. don’t get me wrong they are very satisfying boxes like getting 16 lines in tetris at the same time, but still kind of obligatory. looking forward to seeing how season 6 fleshes this all out. was delighted by all the new forms and fusions. was kinda halfway hoping steven would physically age himself up with maturity. was so creepy seeing him without the pink hue in his skin from his…diamond self. what a wild new status quo.


that would have been an excellent series finale, though kinda unsatisfying knowing how hastily/tidily it wrapped up a lot of stuff. As a season finale though it’s incredible how much that blew up the status quo, and i really really hope they can carry this high forward.



the moment of the episode for me was SHE’S GOOOOOOOONE, what a legit scary intense performance from Zach Callison


This really has all been one big metaphor for coming out hasn’t it. Complete with a visualization of that feeling of perfect rightness, knowing that you are who you say you are and no one can take that away from you.


Wow, that was so great!

The moment when White Diamond plucked out Steven’s gem… I can not believe they went there. That was grisly! And then it went into commercial break. I’m glad I watched it on DailyMotion and didn’t have to wait.

Is the show definitely getting another season? Cuz this one ended with a teaser for the movie. It made me wonder if the show is done and the movie’s going to cap it all off.


It is apparently getting another season and the movie is a standalone, like it is basically going to be a Steven Universe OVA


can’t believe the entirety of season six is gonna be a kevin redemption arc


don’t forget about ronaldo


“she prefers to be called steven” was a hell of a line



When everyone returned to color, wasn’t White’s pearl pink? Isn’t that something someone here posited?


That was absolutely wonderful.

Particularly loved the bit about perfect porkchops, when Steven was confronting Blue and Yellow, and that bit about the reasons behind the silly things Pink did for no reason.

The Pearl / Steven fusion form was also a delightful surprise I adored.


I like how the first thing established about Sunstone is that they can mil press a skyscraper.

Such is the power of abstinence.