Steven Universe, don't tumblr my rocks!


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The other Pearls (particularly Blue) have always reminded me of Fraggles, so the Doozer things works.

Doozers by way of Cinderella.


Never noticed that in the show’s intro, Steven is doing the diamond salute. While standing on a dais peppered with pink diamonds.


holy shit, crewniverse


Curiously, in that shot Steven is slightly off-model. Usually he’s drawn with five hair-lumps. Same as Pink Diamond. They tend to shift around like Mickey’s ears, so that there are always five. Though sometimes that breaks, so things don’t look too weird.


It’s kind of like watching back Arrested Development and seeing this hand imagery in every shot with Buster.


It’s super fitting that in the Maheswaran residence the living room TV is a, like, 20" CRT, and it’s placed on top of a tall cabinet, at adult eye-level.

Also I guess they randomly redecorate? (Imagining Priyanka directing Doug around the place.)


Oh, looks like Tumblr isn’t quite dead yet.

image image


“We… were the Crystal Gems…”

We are so totally getting a new title sequence.



Battle of Heart and Mind trailer.


So, the show’s central lesbian couple, one of the two is named Sapphire.


And somehow I didn’t notice this. (And haven’t seen anyone else mention it either.)


Re: this, it holds up as even a stronger reading after the last couple episodes (and despite my glibness – sorry; bad tic – I already found it perfect).

Of particular note is the Stevonnie thing, and “Pink” publicly coming out at last, to her own society, in a way she never dared to in her assigned identity.

Connie has always been an analog for Pearl, as “Sworn by the Sword” rams home. She’s basically to Pearl as Steven is to Rose, in personality and role. And violin. Music being crucial in this show, of course. Steven openly (if accidentally, even nefligently) fusing with Connie basically punctuates Pink/Rose’s identity issues and hidden affair with Pearl. It brings that whole story home.

And then… there’s the issue of Pink Pearl. With whom PD was seen to play so inappropriately. Who was seen to indulge Pink’s undesirable tendencies. They couldn’t well reprimand a Diamond, of course, so presumably her Pearl got all the blame. And, um, the conversion therapy.

This is really really getting fucking dark, now, this story, huh.

The Connie/Pearl parallel holds all through as well, come to it. CG Pearl was the one to dream up the Rose identity and catalyze the whole rebellion. Connie was the one to take Steven’s hand and insist they dance together in the face of all the rules. That narrative decision makes more sense now, as a thematic culmination, than as it does as a strict… you know, how could they not foresee this?


Holy fuck holy fuck. Watching Steven’s dream again with this in mind, the problems basically start after Steven/Pink blows a kiss to Pink Pearl. And then Steven (as Pink) barfing up Rose’s hair, as her Pearl is dragged away into the darkness and Pink comes under the glare of White Diamond… that sure as hell takes on new significance now, huh.

Which, with that bit of context, casts this terrifying pall over the entire episode. This sense of dread, that turns the ball into basically this awful can’t-stop-it reflection of the nightmare that you can see coming from the start but can’t do a thing to change.

Christ. I got legitimate chills just now, watching that again, and then seeing Steven awake in a panic, next to Connie. In that same room.


The importance of Gem Harvest also now becomes more clear, with Steven gaining the experience of winning over a conservative family member, and now feeling like he can do it again…


Yknow that reminds me they haven’t yet explained what Peridot meant by “you’re going to harvest me?!” in Catch and Release…


With all the Gems trapped in walls and statues and combs and disco balls and things, I get the sense that may be addressed soon.

Looping back to Mirror Gem, probably.


The way this show is with foreshadowing, that Watermelon Steven death scene is… a little distressing.

I guess this episode annoyed people? I found it moving and wonderfully left-field. I also never expected that song to work that well in context, based on the demo that’s been around for a million years now.


HD version, now. They added another shot since the CN Latin America broadcast.

Whose voice is that? AJ Michalka? Grace Rolek? The lady who voices the Rutile Twins? Whoever it is, she’s been voicing all the trailers for this run.


So… Steven died his hair pink after all?



for your consideration: concept sketches of the gem temple feat. Pearl Nose


The Pearl nose makes it extra Miyazaki, somehow.

Apparently Zach Callison is having a mental health crisis ATM.

I’d been putting off his recent album, kind of half expecting it would be one of those celebrity vanity projects, you know. But at times it’s kind of… Mike Patton?

The other vocals on here are by Grace Rolek. Which is to say, Connie.