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Everyone I just want you to know I bought Steins;gate and I’m going to play it before the end of the year. This is going to be a trying time for me and I’m going to need your support. I’m gonna let y’all know if it is good or not. I’ve read a book. I’ve seen a movie. I’ve played most of the video games.

Just…remember me before I went into a Dr. Pepper Time Travel Anime K-Hole and never recovered.

Hey guys im in tokyo and steins;gate is fucking awful. Ive played for three hours and I hate every character.

The narrator/PC likes to talk like the mysterious background character from an anime. So he takes out his zero battery phone and goes “yes. The organization is getting close. We need to act fast.” While his friends look on bored and disinterested. I know how they feel.

Then then then I was on the train yesterday and two otaku next to me were talking like the narrator and Im still trying to deal with what the fuck that means. Like they were talking super seriously and cryptically about rumors and secret organizations. It was also completely clear what they were talking about was complete bullshit.

So GOTY for giving me that experience.

More to report but typing on my phone is boooorrnnnngg.

Okay I clearly did not write as much as I thought I did publically

I’ve sitting on my thoughts on steinsgate for a while though waiting for the new software to be real. I am now 9 hours into the game. There is on the fringes a decent sci-fi story going on. The characters take every fucking second to interrupt that story. Let’s recap the characters.

MC/PC: Again, constantly thinks he is the cool mysterious character in an anime. Even when serious shit is going on he slips in to delusions of granduer. Which would be fine if it came off as a defense mechanism, instead it’s WACKY CHARACTER LOLWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I fucking hate him.

Dabu?Damu? fuck if I can remember and I played the game an hour ago. Fat Otaku guy. Is apparently a pervert for fucking everything. And casually a pedophile lol? Like he mentions wanting to jump into one of the girl’s breasts, then he corrects that and says maybe it would be better if a 9 year old girl jumped into him. There is no reaction to that comment. His recurring shtick is asking the female characters to “repeat that. slower.”

Mayushii. I think this woman is retarded. And not as an insult. She’s 18? And has serious issues in the name of MOE. She gets upset about her food. She works at a maidcafe.

Nyan Nyan NekopunCatpun Meido. Mayushii’s coworker. The only one that freaks out the MC by jumping more into lala-fakeland. She’s also a prodigy at whatever the card game they are emulating in game. And cat puns. I actually enjoy the translated and original J-cat puns she uses. Then she talks about THE SEVENTH DAWN of HOLY GOODNESS and I have to check out and start hitting X a bunch of times.

Luka or Lukako. I’m going to use an offensive word here. The “trap” character. Because the MC will not shut up about being attracted to him. Apparently he dresses like a girl because his father told him to (???) It just came out that her dream is to become a woman. So I guess they are trans. Everyone is cool with this. Then the MC goes back to being creeped out by how incredibly feminine he is. Also they are so frail and fragile I think a stiff breeze would kill her. MOE MOE MOE MOE

Kurisu. the 18 year old genius who gets made MC’s assistant and is dismissed and thrown aside for being a woman at every turn. I thought she was a real character, but the writers are working extra hard to twist her into the tsundere stereotype. Does she have a tragic past that will come to fruition???

Oh yeah just found out Mayushii is secretly childhood friend of MC.

Despite all of this. All of this. I actually like the sci-fi story that is buried in here. That’s why I keep playing. it is kind of the flip side of Dangan Ronpa. Dangan Ronpa had great characters and a whatever for a narrative. Steins;gate has some story buried in here, surrounded by stereotypes and characters I fucking hate.

Don’t spoil anything for me y’all. I’m working through it. It is neat I know exactly the building where it takes place. There is Dr. Pepper drinking. I thought that it would be more of a thing. Turns out only MC drinks the DP.

9 hour in review: FUCK THIS GARBAGE.


Will you continue this thread?

I purchased this game on PC ages ago but never played. I can liveplay this game with screenshots!

Oh I’m still playing it with the hate in my heart.

I guess they are going to send a message back in time to Luka’s Mom’s pager to tell her to eat lots of vegetables why she was pregnant with Luka so that Luka will actually be born a girl.

I put on the anime in the background. In anime form all the characters just read like the horrible anime stereotypes they are.

Apparently the way the MC talks is a “condition” in Japan called 8th grader syndrome. I’m still really trying to reconcile that I actually heard dudes doing that. And then doing it in the same exact same dumb way the MC does in public oblivious to being in public.

Time to play more of this dumb garbage :3

Well the other thread warned me. The MC just molested a girl to prove she was a guy (not in this timeline.)

I’m debating whether this is a point worth quiting.

edit: I mean yes it is definitely a point worth quiting. It’s fucking horrible. This game has taken 10 hours of my life and I’ve gotten trans-phobia, homo-phobia, MOE MOE MOE, and a sci-fi story that if I’m being fair is getting in the way of the anime garbage. I keep thinking about NickRox talking about it being MASTERFUL. I mean…what the fuck?

there’s a certain point down the animehole where you just get desensitized to the fact that literally all anime tropes are trash for trash humans, and once you can ignore that, you can glean some meager enjoyment

trash for trash humans

Welcome to the world of STEINS;GATE!

Thrilling is the world of STEINS;GATE

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Rudie I hope you know you’ve made yourself an enemy of pretty much every anime forum out there.

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There’s a decent idea for an SF story in Steins;Gate, it’s just so deeply buried under Otaku Bullshit (and Japanese (Nerd?) Media And Gender Identity Bullshit) that extracting it requires far more stamina than is really worthwhile.

But you should keep going until you find out what the cat girl’s deal is.

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Told you to play Life is Strange instead, tutturu~

I can finally join the staff of Colony Drop???

Oh good that same error “chuunibyou” displaying in the tips list is also in the Vita version.

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Persona let me know if this formating error is also in the PC Copy.


Which manga is this?

Same, nya.

Feasible if it’s the year the thing came out and fandom hasn’t long since spoiled the twist?

Or hears the first thing said about the franchise by anyone familiar with it, such as the fans or the marketing departments of the newest spinoffs

The scary thing is I almost understood that sentence.

If not for the characters (and this thing is 90% characters) what caused the fandom?

Have… Have I come over the pass? Is this long horrible nightmare over. Chapter 5 starts and…the characters are starting to act like real humans (almost). I learned Kurisu’s tragic past. They just did a shower scene that I would actually call relevant. There’s more mystery and questions going on. The whole thing is accelerating.

In one of the “hints” they mention the Shibuya Earthquake leading to a popular character line dwindling in popularity. There has been no other mention of this. Was Shibuya Earthquake some pop-culture event or are they going to eventually bring up that plot point.

I kind of wish the “game” allowed you to be smarter than the MC. The meager meager interaction with the world it gives you should allow you to do things to notice things that the MC hasn’t. That hasn’t happened yet and I wonder if it is going to.

fuck shit now Steins;Gate is the time travel story I wanted it to be and I enjoy it fuck shit. It only takes 11 hours of reading to get there ;_;.