Star Wars Thread Episode II

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Star Wars is so fucking stupid.


Don’t live in the Bogan…

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If nothing else, I appreciate that the Boba Fett show seems to understand that the fundamental appeal of his character is that he’s a punching bag.

Looking cool in the Star Wars universe should always be a liability.

Habitually wearing a full face covering is an invitation to being owned

“We’re making a fake boba fett show because if it fails we don’t want to damage the brand, but it succeeded, so now we have to make a real boba fett show as a spinoff of the fake boba fett show which we are also still continuing to make” is peak disney brain


It’s been a tradition of one of my friends to get me a star wars laserdisc every year for Christmas. At some point you think he’d run out but last year he made a custom episode 2 sleeve and now we’re finishing the prequel trilogy

My opinion on star wars has shifted over the years but these remain the coolest gifts I have ever received


the lizard quest stuff from this weeks boba fett is so audaciously stupid that i just straight up love it. it’s so funny how every bit of them fleshing out the tusken raiders, even with all the goofy indigenous savior story tropes, makes obi-wan seem like even more of a racist in episode 4. i hope they have obi-wan making a big coldcut sub and the tuskens steal it with a fishing rod


all of lukes weird deleted scene tosche station friends are on this show it’s so illegal


finally something to do with all those unsold cask of amontillado lego sets


i like boba fett’s goofy cockney shadowrun teen rangers in the new ep

i find it so interesting that jon favreau, the guy who arguably, along with whedon, created The Quip Zone that all of marvel is forever trapped in where everything is undercut by jokes, writes such straightfaced earnest star wars fanfiction

like the SW movies are in the filler dialogue discount banter zone but the shows are po faced westerns or 1970s era man on the road dramas, although so far they’ve basically made two different boba fett shows so we’ll see when the others come out i guess


i’m pretty lukewarm on boba fett but i mean thundercat as a doctor doing cyberpunk body mods to to tune of his own basslines is pretty tops


So for about a year now I’ve been playing a version of the torture droid from jabba’s palace who’s a murderous chef who wishes to inflect misery on organics with her cooking ‘art’

How the fuck did The Book of Boba Fett make her existence cannon.


this is kind of a context free and not at all relevant star wars thought, but part of me does sort of want to have the “would you time travel to kill baby hitler?” conversation with everyone still bent out of shape about luke briefly considering mercking teen kylo in episode 8

intuitively I’d say knowledge of recorded history =/= clairvoyance, but maybe it does = for the purposes of time travel

I took the various tellings of that scene to show confused causation for Kylo’s turn e.g. maybe he wouldn’t have if Luke hadn’t tried to murder him in his sleep

Luke sucks but he did have the GOAT uncle moment in the end


that was my takeaway from episode 8 and it ruled, this has been talked about endlessly but i think about it all the time. what a cool thing for a movie to do: take the old hero and make him suck even more shit, and he also knows he sucks so he lives on a remote planet sucking alien cow titties, it’s great


also love Luke summarizing the prequels in one breath as the ultimate failure of the Jedi, an organization that sucks


everything in that movie was an unbelievably good way to send off that character, up to and including the dragon ball z puff of smoke at the end, still can’t believe it


still quite incredulous regarding some fans i know who think that the Mando S2 finale was a better sendoff for Luke’s character