sprite-based first-person games (with mobile avatar and granular turn increments)




I agree with what I’ve seen stated elsewhere, that it gives off more a Witchaven vibe than anything. Only this looks like it won’t be terrible to play.


If that has faux-medieval MIDI music it will be pretty dang good


there’s not a bunch of sprites to be had, it’s almost a lonely game


fight knight


God I’ve been following this on the twits and it’s like so gorgeous. This dude is so good at cool aesthetics


when i’m not still feeling the lingering burnout from working on this non-stop for days and days, i’ll update the op


I don’t think it has granular turning though. Doesn’t seem to in this video at least.


holy hell it’s so pretty though


I really want to like this but I’m fairly sure the camera movement is going to give me motion sickness before long.




Toy Story (Genesis/SNES, 1995)

(Starts at 14:40)


holy shit, this game was too hard for me to ever get that far. as far as i can tell there is exactly one billboarded sprite (the rotating alien pickup), but since there aren’t any other objects, that might be enough! would be a shame to put it in the borderline pile. i’ll have to think about it.

haven’t updated the OP yet, i’ve been lazy and also i burned myself out on this thing by working on it obsessively for a week or two


man this framerate is really brutal




Under a Killing Moon doesn’t use sprites, it’s fully polygonal. However some of its objects are billboards that rotate to face the camera. They only do so on the vertical axis though and so are given away whenever the camera isn’t looking straight ahead (like the masks there) because they are perspective-correct 3d models, although 3d models of billboards.




If we’re gunna get technical about what sprites actually are this thread will get gutted.

Billboards are as much a sprite as a bunch of other stuff here. I think it’s the aesthetic tone that’s driving the definition for this thread?


under a killing moon doesn’t count because it doesn’t employ the technique this thread was intended to examine, at least not as a principal object type in the manner of e.g. doom. it’s adjacent but too borderline to count. i created a borderline list for cases just such as this, so i’ll probably try and update this thread today after i get back from lunch (at work atm, where i do all my best non-work work of course)

this is based off watching about 5 skimmed minutes of that video, so maybe i’m missing something.