sprite-based first-person games (with mobile avatar and granular turn increments)


I really don’t just mean it’s technically different. In practice they don’t give the feel, vusal or otherwise, that sprites or doom clones do, as soon as you look downwards the similarity is broken. First post says Doom, not Quake, and it only take a few moments in Under a Killing Moon to fell it’s Quake, not Doom (or, to be exact, an odd visual hybrid of Quake and The 7th Guest).


Montezuma’s Return


that’s polygonal, not sprite-based


Ah sorry, ok but this one should be sprite-based? I’m not sure, but I want to help.


i’m not sure if those are 3d models or pre-rendered sprites. either way, i love how aggressively ugly that game is!


Not GranulaMove™ certified.

Characters look like sprites made from prerendered 3d models.
And yeah, that art style is something…


Yeah, that one’s definitely Doom-style tech, maybe even a bit more primitive (though probably they’ve just got boring level designers). I’ll give it props for having environment textures and designs so ugly they made me doubt some walls were vertical at first glance though.





The cover art even fits the aesthetic of the period, nice touch.


There’s no way it isn’t a riff on the DooM PSX cover.

The menu screen is also a very obvious nod to Wolfenstein 3D.









Hello dear, I think I found some new games

Descent to Undermountain 1997:

3D Hunting - Trophy Game 1998:

Troubles - The Living Dead 1997 PC (Смута - Ожившие мертвецы):


Ion Maiden is an obvious hit.

The Adventures of Square counts, too. Cool aesthetic. (Edit: Actually, no, this doesn’t count. It’s a DOOM mod.)

Iacus, I believe I watched that exact video when working on this project. Problem with those first-person dungeon crawlers is they are 95% or more locked grid-based movement. Outside of a few outliers, it’s largely a dead end, and one I’ve already scoured extensively. If you manage to find some specific examples missing from my list, they are of course welcome!

Descent to Undermountain and 3D Hunting are polygon-based.

Troubles: The Living Dead / Смута - Ожившие мертвецы looks like a direct hit, though.

I’ve updated the OP, finally.


By the way, there are now 377 games in the proper list, not counting honorable mentions. This has taken probably 20+ hours of research so far. If anyone has more to offer, the ones missing are becoming rarer and rarer. I’m quite proud of this project, and grateful to those who have helped fill in the gaps.


Project Warlock (Win, 2018)