sprite-based first-person games (with mobile avatar and granular turn increments)




Super secret “REALLYDAD”-mode in Princes Remedy in a Heap of Trouble

It is REAL different from how most of the game plays

This doesn’t really qualify I think but might still be somewhat notable? It’s Pato Box! At first it makes you think it’s just Punch-Out with a neat look but then:

(starts @4:22)


that first one definitely counts and the second one definitely doesn’t, though it is neat. added PR2 to the main list


I saw parts of this being played once but don’t know much else? Might be a bit too much 3D though. Apparently it stole a bunch of assets from other commercial games as well as fan mods. Space Trucker:


wow this is pretty interesting. i think it’s worth including, it fits the central criteria well despite being more modern in a lot of other areas


The gunplay doesn’t look like much but this aesthetic speaks deeply to me


i am…90% sure those are sprites that change images based on relation the the player



amazing they successfully recreated the feeling of a panic attack circa 1997






this is like an fps imagined by the dude who made nesticle




Oh wow I hadn’t even pondered the possibility of headshots in a build-engine game for some reason



They sent us a bunch of the mockup No One Lives Forever posters they made, from when they were trying to get the rights a few years back:

nope, I can’t find the picture. I got this buried on my phone instead:


there’s gotta be a word for these remasters that do the exact amount of touching up to make the game look like what you remember it looking like when it was new, but then when you go back and look at actual screenshots of the original game it’s basically just a blurry mess