sprite-based first-person games (with mobile avatar and granular turn increments)


Whoa! Blood’s source was famously lost and the rights seemed permanently gummed up by Infogrames/Atari. I wonder how this is going to feel ported to that new Turok engine. It was pretty close to the Shadow Warrior branch of BUILD with the voxel support, and back in the jonof Duke3D era there was talk of working from there to recreate it.


I didn’t realize the same crew also did that Strife rerelease. They have a pretty great track record for salvaging these old FPS engine lost source games.


All I’m mainly seeing is widescreen support and maybe some anti-aliasing based on just firing up the original in DOSbox at 1280x1024. Of course back in 97 I and probably a lot of folks didn’t have the hardware to run it well that high.

Somebody actually successfully reverse engineered it to make the Bloodgdx port a few years back. I could never get it running for some reason though.


Man, I thought it was keeping up on the state of Blood port development. I totally missed that!


finally added suffer to the end of the list


yeah this is the thing. it’s just kind of surreal seeing things in motion that are the quality of screenshots in pc mags of things running on the highest possible settings


Blood has awesome weapons and level design but the hitscan enemies make it suck total ass there I said it


Yup, this is exactly what I thought when I tried replaying it a few years ago. Level design and weapons SO COOL, but the enemies are total bullshit and make it a chore to play.


does anyone want to help me start collecting screenshots for these games?


I have that book and every picture in it is pure unfiltered aesthetic.


The trick to Blood is you play it at the default difficulty, it ramps the damage way up on the higher ones. IIRC the manual or readme or somewhere specifically warns they were going for harder than usual stuff of the time even on the non Nightmare equivalents.


It is! I should bring it to the meetup


so blood inspired the many wonders of the early lithtech engine I see


oh dear


It still sucked on default, which is what I played it on


Blood’s fine.

Descent 1 has the worst hitscan bullshit.





I didn’t see this on the list