sprite-based first-person games (with mobile avatar and granular turn increments)




354 games as of the Giza addition


so close


battlecorp (mega cd)

thunderhawk (mega cd)


re: Thunderhawk, interestingly enough, the Mega CD version is ported from the DOS/Amiga versions which are fully polygonal, but the Mega CD version is sprite-based. lovely stuff, thanks


battlecorps has lovely music


2D images with alpha channels constrained to face the camera may be used in 3D graphics. They are common for rendering vegetation, to approximate distant objects, or for particle effects. These are sometimes called “billboards” or “Z-sprites.” The technique was most heavily used in Sega game machines in the late 1990s, prior to the era of polygon rendering. If rendered on the fly to cache an approximate view of an underlying 3D model, such sprites are called impostors. Modern hardware may have a specific mode for rendering such point sprites without needing each corner to be defined, or these may be generated by vertex shaders.




(embed doesn’t work, apparently)
really cool, but there are no sprites at all, so it doesn’t quite fit the criteria. i love how smooth the framerate is







Oh, I had the Color Computer 3 version of this as a kid.

It, uh, struggled.


This is… a new game?

Who woulda thunk somebody would fetishize Hexen and Blood in 2017


hexen and blood are better than anything coming out recently ;_;


Don’t get me wrong when I saw that video my first thought was “why have I never heard of this game because I need to play it right now.” I just thought I was the only one.


these are good gibs


this seems incredibly cool but idk if it fits the criteria. not seeing enough sprites


this is amazing