sprite-based first-person games (with mobile avatar and granular turn increments)


please help, what the fuck is this. are those sprites or polygons? my eyes are playing tricks on me
i want to say it’s all sprites, but i honestly don’t know


what the fuck is this




this is one of the games i was going to make a video of but i guess i wont bother now!! its all sprites

damn it i was just about to do a sensory overload one!!!


splaters is polygons


yeah, i figured it out eventually and added the mazeworlds and sensory overload to the list
splat’ers looks fucking sick, though, jeez


you should still do videos, though, i love your vids!


It is. But this is the kind of thread that woul be perfect to browse with a lot of screenshots of various games. I didn’t mean for you to take screenshots of every game on the list ofc


I’d say anything actually published and sold should still qualify though.



Oh I just remembered one!

Descent to Undermountain!

It’s an awful game!

edit: woops this is polygonal maybe? It’s hard to tell, with everything so jittery and jerky. Probably doesn’t count for this thread

Actually I can’t totally tell if they’re just polygonal models turned into sprites or polygonal models that lock into weird rotations when they turn because the game is so badly designed


Undermountain is polygonal models, If I remember correctly


Indeed it is


I don’t see Legends of Valour on your list. It is an RPG that is similar graphically to early elder scrolls.

EDIT: Nevermind, its there! Truly comprehensive!


when i set out to do something discrete and measurable, i tend to get pretty perfectionist about it ;_;

i was astonished a personality type like mine hadn’t taken on this specific challenge before, actually. previous lists, while helpful in allowing me to compile mine, were ultimately all incredibly lacking, imo


Force your way into the museum Frank Cifaldi is building


what kind of monster names a game splat’ers instead of splatters


I think it’s beautiful


what you think doesn’t mat’er