sprite-based first-person games (with mobile avatar and granular turn increments)


somehow i had missed Star Trek Generations for DOS, 1997, so it’s been added


do the original two wing commander games count? i mean, they are sprite based and they are first person shooters, in their own ways.


haven’t played
watching a video, looks like the in-game objects are polygonal. what sprites are you thinking of?

e: hmmm, looking closer i honestly can’t tell. when it switched to cutscene there were clearly sprites, but in first-person view the rotation, etc. looked too smooth for sprites. maybe they just have lots of viewpoints, etc.


they’re all scaled sprites, at least in the dos versions.


they have lots of sprite rotations in the early wing commander games but they are very definitely sprites (there’s no way they could do complex textured 3d space ships in 1990/91)


if they are all sprites then it counts. let me ask you this:

if you count Wing Commander, would you also count Star Luster (NES, 1985)? that’s the most borderline one

it feels a little weird to include it, since midi maze pretty much defined every characteristic i’m looking for, and star luster seems to not have real movement, just the illusion of such? but how can you really quantify stuff like that, anyway?


yeah that looks amazingly faked and i wouldn’t bother with it.

it’s your call on the rest, i just remembered that i used to play it a lot.


all relevant wing commander games have been added, thanks everyone


Do the first person portions of the SNES Jurassic Park game count?


that’s 317 games so far!


they (SNES and Amiga) do and are already on the list


seriously WC has the best sprite perspectives, rotations, and scaling of any game on this list as far as i can tell


help me dig thru these
i’m at work and cannot install and most don’t have video or screens

spaghetti armageddon and frail shells were added already
e: added a ton of games from here (check the Win, 2014 entries), but there are probably a few still lurking


There’s several AD&D-based games that I think fit your criteria:
Menzoberranzan (1994, DOS)
Ravenloft: Strahd’s Possession (1994, DOS)
Ravenloft: Stone Prophet (1995, DOS)


[quote=“RelMark, post:133, topic:3809, full:true”]
Menzoberranzan (1994, DOS)
[/quote]tile-based, cardinals only

[quote=“RelMark, post:133, topic:3809, full:true”]
Ravenloft: Strahd’s Possession (1994, DOS)

[quote=“RelMark, post:133, topic:3809, full:true”]
Ravenloft: Stone Prophet (1995, DOS)

E: i guess i was wrong about menzoberranzan - the video i watched just had tile-based (perhaps a toggled option?)

looks dope tbh

added them, THANK YOU


I went through that first link (7FPS 2014) pretty thoroughly, I’m only missing some browser-only games I can’t play or download.

not sure:
420 blaze it has sprites but they are decoration, it’s mostly 3D
Retro Bike Shooter has flat shooting range targets as enemies but they don’t look like sprites.
CRICKETS has this flat lo-fi syle like Proteus, Bernband. Idk if those are sprites or what. If yes then those other games should be added to the list as well (and probably some more I can’t think of right now).

fire of the apes
Pew Pew Vikingstein 2.5D
1024 Pixels
Adrift Among the Stars

100% and worth playing imho:
total invasion
ESC ape
childhood nigthtmare <-- added later

0% andworth playing:
Ocean Highway Patrol
Endless Express


good work
some of these i added earlier (1024 Pixels, Adrift Among the Stars, Total Invasion, ESC Ape)
raycastmaze is unfortunately very basic polygons and not sprites: the only in-game objects are the level end markers which, although they appear at first to be sprites, are actually polygons:

i’ll add the rest shortly, thank you!


REALLY trying to avoid adding mods - that makes me want to remove Quest for Al’Qaeda and Quest for Saddam, since they are duke nukem mods - even though they launch from their own .exe in dos and don’t require duke to play

but then there are a ton of doom mods etc. that act similarly and i sure as fuck don’t want to include every standalone doom mod either

ugh, i really hate to take things off the list. maybe i’ll put it as an honorable mention and update the rules to say no mods (this is still going to be a bit of a grey area, of course, but that’s fine. it was always going to be subjective as hell on the fringes of acceptability)


Electric Highways doesn’t have enemies (as best I remember?), but it’s polygonal 3-D with sprite objects.

Also Symbol and Oneiric Gardens (though there’s a polygonal slug).


polygons are definitely OK - the rule still breaks down to this

does it look and feel more like doom or quake? the tough ones are in the middle (check out trapped 2 for amiga - it’s in the list but it’s got lots of polygonal enemies. there are also tons of sprites! check out crime crackers for psx - tons of poiygonal enemies but weapon fx and item pickups are sprites) it’s always going to be subjective, ultimately. i just pick the ones that feel more doom than quake tbh

here’s another tough one:

it’s also currently in the list because the people seem to be sprites! but everything else is polygons. even the people, i’m not sure they’re sprites but they look like sprites, i think. i should probably actually take this one out since i’m going to be making another list i guess with the early polygonal first person games