sprite-based first-person games (with mobile avatar and granular turn increments)


on chrome, press ctrl+f twice

also, thank you for the more verbose title. also, there is a first person mode for that game (skip to 2:00 in the video you linked)

e: oops i’m confused! i get it now, thanks


Yeah, since Discourse likes to load (and sometimes unload) posts as you scroll, trying to use your browser’s find-in-page feature is tricky, and I don’t really trust their built-in search to be useful.


It took me so long to remember the name of this one so I hope you appreciate it


You’re missing a few other Pie in the Sky engine games too:


cheers! was only missing a few - most of the ones from there i didn’t have were either not FPS or made using the later GCS 3.0 that featured full polygon support


Did anything more than those wall textures ever surface from NES Hellraiser?




You could probably upload the list to actual Wikipedia. I wouldn’t know how to go about it but i have seen similar lists on there. Then you could link to it in the articles about Doom, the FPS genre etc.


then you have to spend two years citing sources


hey nobody said submitting content to a community of website-shuffling bureaucrats would be easy


Oh please fill this thread with screenshots for every game thanks.

Also ,can we have another thread for games like The Colony and Total Eclipse?
I was going to mention these, even if off-topic

It kinda sucks that the way discourse hijacks browser search doesn’t allow you to search-scroll within a post


Hmm unless I’m mistaken, Cybercon III is not mainly sprite based?


I just want to say this list is absolutely amazing. Incroyable.


yes, that’s probably my next project!

i figure this is a flippant wish, but maybe i’ll get around to it eventually, probably not. feel free to help with this. i’m burned out

i’ll look into it

e: fixed, thanks.



yeah look how far the last person got


lol what a chump


That’s not a hand-made list, that’s a list of pages with that category applied.


ah, that makes sense. kind of a pointless directory at this point!


Yep! Maybe I’ll try sorting that out.