sprite-based first-person games (with mobile avatar and granular turn increments)


both Crime Crackers (PSX, 1994, Japan) games are very borderline. the first game at least has sprite effects, but polygonal enemies, but the second game is almost all polygons. hmmmph

(e: i added the first one, but not the second)


tokusou kidoutai jswat, saturn


there were a few lists like this on the internet, but mine is more complete than all of them by far now :evil:


this list will never be complete

i’m gonna record videos of mac only FPS games just to add them to here


jokes on you, both of those are already on the list my dude ;_;


well the games i’m going to record wont be!!! stick that in your pipe!!!


And since SNES Mechwarrior was mentioned, in a similar vein is Ultrabots:


Nuclear Throne fps mode

(glad to see GUN GODZ is already listed, not enough people appreciate that there’s a vlambeer doomlike out there)




I can’t keep up with this list but uhhh

Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain for DS

Dark Spire for DS

I think those are more sprite based than polygonal, but I’m not sure since I’ve only glanced at them




Fighting Fantasy is spot-on - the NPCs are sprites and there’s full freedom of movement and camera
Dark Spire is tile-based with 90 degree turn increments, so no good

e: oh wait there’s more to the dark spire than i realized! let me dig a little further

e2: oh it just gets prettier but it’s still tile-based with 90 degree turn increments and no sprites that i could detect


if anyone can tell me if this has a first-person mode…


pretty much done with this now. if anyone finds a new one, PLEASE let me know. i wonder what the best way to share this list with the wider internet would be


i still have a couple mac games I’m going to post

also i’d like to see an alphabetized version of the list to make it easier to find things


i’m hoping @The_Blueberry_Hill will convert the list over to the wiki again, at which time we should(?) be able to sort by year, console, or alphanumerically

until then, ctrl+f

we’ll hold off for now since there will likely be at least a few stragglers like the mac stuff you’re going to post


i have cross-referenced pretty much every comparable list on the internet with mine and mine utterly dwarfs them all. fuck the haters, y’all, we do work here at SB


I will! But I’ll have to look for a sortable table plugin (which I also will did!)

Done. Though the 200X date sorts weird.


It doesn’t look like this has a first person mode, but I haven’t found much else about it online. I did find a few (highly dubious) websites that have a link to download it, but enter at your own risk etc.

At any rate, you can probably safely ignore that one, but you’ll have to deal with 搖滾少林寺之七俠五義 (Rock’n’ Shaolin: Legend of the Seven Paladins, apparently), sorry

ah I saw you got it on the list already? It’s hard to search threads on this forum.