Spring Cleaning 2023

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Imagine my thought process when I went, “It’s almost May 1st I need to make the Spring Cleaning Thread. … wait.” That’s right time to look at our shelves and accounts and rom folders and take account of the games we’ve bought. The games we’ve downloaded. The games we’ve gotten and gone “I want to play that.” It’s the backlog thread of 2023!


Many Many PC Engine Games
Spriggan (PCE) Any Credit Clear
Death Stranding Replay

Zwei The Arges Adventure
Spark The Electric Jester 3
That full Ocarina of Time Romhack (n64)
Metal Gear 2 (MSX/PS2)
Gods Will Be Watching
From Dust
Bullet Garden
Sonic Lost World
Planet of Lana (Game Pass)
Pentiment (Game Pass)

Great Ace Attorney 1 and 2
Rayforce Collection
Lost Judgement
Dragon Quest XI
Atari 50
Same! same! Same!
Cannon Dancer

No More Heroes 2

Chrono Cross (PS1)
Zunou Senkan Galg (Famicom)
Journey to Silius (Famicom)
Arkista’s Ring NES
Krion conquest NES
Little nemo NES
Magic of the scherszade NES
Ghost lion NES
Power Blade NES
Monster party NES
Clash at demon head NES
Little Samson NES
Star Fox EX 2.0 (SNES)

Phoenix Wright 3 Japanese
Soul of Darkness DSi
Annoymous Notes 3 DSi
Metal Torrent DSi
X-Scape DSi
Crash City Mayhem
Aero Porter
Sonic Triple Trouble Game Gear
GG Shinobi
Pocket Jockey
3D Archives Final Stage
Sonic Generations

Armored Core For Answer
Armored Core Verdict Day


gosh I sure hope marina is doing well

I will post my backlog tomorrow when I am more coherent


So I as always am gonna sidestep the actual topic just the tiniest bit as I have a summer project I am lining up, which is basically to convert the last three months of the PS+ I purchased solely to play Elden Ring as intended to the next tier up and try a bunch of games from its catalogue. I went through and actually categorized things a bit, so I’ll just C&P it here:

Full Play (likely)
Telling Lies
The Pedestrian
Hollow Knight

Definitely shot/possible full play
Guardians of the Galaxy
Paradise Killer
Resident Evil 7
The Forgotten City
Transformers devastation

Intriguing games could get into
Ace Combat 7
Devil May Cry V
Doom Eternal
Ghostwire Tokyo
John Wick Hex

Long games to get a taste of
Fallout 4
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Ghost of Tsushima
Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Maybe/Oddities/Idle Curiosity
Balan Wonderworld
Chicken Police
Death Stranding (DC?)
Kena: Bridge of Spirits
The Evil Within 2
Wonderful 101

Now it’s not quite a true spri… summer cleaning as I don’t intend to play through all of them (the bottom 60% of the list is basically “eh, give them an hour or two and see what’s up”), but close enough. Feel free to praise/criticize the listed games or yell at me about ones I overlooked.

Oh yeah, also left a spot open in my calendar this summer for Disaster Report 4.


Upcoming Releases

  • Street Fighter 6

Nearing Completion (<7 hours left)

  • Crash Bandicoot 4
  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Stranger of Paradise

Short-Term Interests

  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
  • One Step from Eden
  • Tourist Trophy

Long-Term Grinds

  • Dragon Quest VII
  • Fate stay/night Réalta Nua
  • Super Robot Wars Alpha

heads up, Wonderful 101 Remastered left PS+ Extra on April 18, and John Wick Hex is leaving mid-June

Returnal is an incredible game, give it some time if you can. one of the best PS5 games

highly highly highly recommend director’s cut for Death Stranding. the monster energy branding is really not a big deal, but the other changes in DC are a huge improvement. it also doesn’t extend the length of the game at all if you are just going for story missions, but it does add a bunch of new tools to the sandbox. playing the non-DC would be kinda pointless imo

also recommend giving Vampyr a shot if you haven’t played it, great RPG


Here’s what I’m working on:


Everybody’s Golf
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Rain World


World of Final Fantasy
Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly
Driver '76
Berserk and the Band of the Hawk
Ridge Racer (2011)

Slowly working through

Castlevania Anniversary Collection
Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood


i am playing xenoblade 2 and gran turismo 2 (having just finished all the events in gran turismo 1). tears of the kingdom is up next when i get through xenoblade (which won’t be for another couple dozen hours, so probably a few months)

i wanna play through bokunatsu 1 again sometime soon. i’ve studied a lot more japanese since the last time i played it (prob a decade ago) and i think i’d get a lot more out of it. still feeling very affected by my couple-years-ago playthrough of bokunatsu 3. i also might instead just import and play natsumon when it comes out later this summer

i wanna somehow force myself to get into ffxi with my wife again. we’re still separated by an international border and will be for another year or two, so this seems like the perfect time to play it! we played it consistently for a few months while we were dating and it was so nice to have a huge virtual 3d space to explore that felt like it was just ours. lots of pics and wonderful memories

always grinding on iidx, i’ve cleared 20-30 12s? hard cleared one, AA hard failed another on the very last note the other day. still a huge climb ahead of me

i’m also most of the way through a ps3 demon’s souls platinum run, so i’d like to finish that up

wish i could quit my job and just play games for a while lol

edit: tgm!! stoked on tgm2 coming out soon. kinda walled in tgm1 around s1-s2 level but still enjoying it


PLAYING [theoretically at this point, haven’t touched some of these giants in months]
The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
FF7 Remake (Platinum trophy attempt)
Sky Odyssey (literally a few missions left)
Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Final Fantasy VIII

Backlog [this has become a mess, used to be like 3 games]
Dead End Aegis
Assassin’s Creed Origins DLC
Metroid Prime Remastered
Shinobi (PS2)
Crystal Slaves
Hi-Fi Rush
Tales of Berseria
Dead Space Remake
Tetris: The Grand Master

Coming soon
Street Fighter 6
Final Fantasy XVI
Master Detective Archives: RAINCODE


Damn, I just haven’t been playing much in the way of video games lately. At least until Tears hit. Now I’ve already put 70 hours in in the last two weeks.

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Sekiro [theoretically; I started a fresh restart, but I still am not getting into a combat groove so I may not go back to it again for a long time]
Yakuza 7 [haven’t played it in like a year, but do want to return to it]
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [started a replay right before Tears came out and actually wanna finish it]
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past [started a replay right before Tears came out and… might go back to it]

Kentucky Route Zero
Rain World
Wonderful 101
Okami [lol; I’ve been ‘meaning to play’ this game since 2006]
Return of the Obra Dinn

Final Fantasy XVI [coming in 4 weeks; I bought the fucking PS5 for this, so I better play it]
Titan Fall 2 [this was on my 2020 Spring Cleaning list lol]
Odin Sphere [same]
Tales of Bersaria [same]

Nier Replicant
Nier Automata [replay]
All 100+ games on my itch.io “To Play” list
killer7 [replay]
Disco Elysium [maybe; I bounced off it pretty hard, but wanna give it another chance]
Red Dead Redemption II [maaaaybe]

Armored Core for Answer [it’s in my PS3, so there’s a chance this actually happens!!]

EDIT: I also want to go to the local barcade and play a lot more Joust and Killer Queen


That was good to know! I decided to start with John Wick Hex because of this, played until midway through the second world where a boss fight just kept stomping me out and decided that was enough. I can only handle tactic games when they are basically puzzle ones and… this one was not. Wonderful 101 was literally the last game I added as I assume it’s still better on the Wii U so not a huge loss there.

@a_new_duck amazingly I have not played most of those itch games, but dug Growmi a good deal as a neat Snakebird/BoxBoy hubrid puzzle platformer. Luminous looks neat but is sadly kinda bad, Moonleap is exactly the game it appears to be, and Putty Putter got hard enough that I couldn’t even finish the demo.



  • Mega Man Legends 2
  • Fortnite (got to finish the season!)
  • Doom 2?
  • Chulip

Next up:

  • MGS3
  • Raw Danger
  • Drakenguard

Things I wanna do next

  • Make My own Doom Wad

Oh baby. This is quite a ride. Looking forward to hearing impressions

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13 sentinels
digital devil saga 1+2
lost judgment

maybe I’ll get this done before armored core 6
probably not


go back to finish zone of the enders, finally play to the end of saga 2 gb and finish this ff13 run, maybe finish saga scarlet grace urpina story, then play baroque saturn patch, boku 2 patch, marl kingdom 2 & 3 and armored core 6 when they drop


In the short term:

Tears of the Kingdom
Love, Love 2 & Love 3 (all helpfully bundled into the digital release of the third game)
Various mobile games I’ve had on my phone for a while that I’ve been meaning to actually check out


oh yeah i absolutely must get a wireguard container going and try dragon quest 10

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