speedrun thread

check out the first 20 seconds here


i do a lot of speedrunning. i guess i’ll share some runs i’m relatively happy with. comments belong to the video above it.

my baby! more to come here. 52 is inevitable.

sub 1:23 was tough!

sub 27 was tougher!

WR is still 58.8 by a japanese runner from way back in 2001, as submitted to an official nintendo contest, verified by in-game code

this was WR when set, but has since been surpassed by a high 43. want to come back to this game to retake it eventually

this is my last standing WR in blue storm currently, and is still “untied” (goldeneye 007 terminology for a time which is untied to the whole second - e.g. next best time is 2’12" or worse).

DKR is a magnificent speedgame, but it can destroy your hands (and controller, in hover) if you’re not careful! very input-heavy game

runabout games are heavily underrated

1080 = class


you can’t beat SMK as a speedgame for utter precision

MK64 is a game you play when you want to annihilate your N64 controller


this took awhile to accomplish!

bonus meme run for @VastleCania

when I was in college I spent some time practicing running bionic commando NES. I think I got my time to around 15:00, which isn’t too bad looking at the times most people are getting on yt right now.

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New in-game-time record of 8 seconds for Doom E1M1. What an absolute madman:

A bit about what went into this:


I never knew blaster master was this busted


edit: uhhh apparently the dude narrating this is a nazi white supremecist. see post below this.

this video starts slow but it’s very worth watching imo

karl jobst is a pretty fucked up person, tbh

the goldeneye speedrunning community in general has produced a large quantity of extremely questionable individuals

karl jobst is one of the people who was seen in the gigantic imgur dump of white nationalist/alt-right/racist/misogynist discord chat logs, intended to expose rwhitegoose and several other GE colleagues and associates’ political beliefs. i am not at my house and typing on this laptop is unenjoyable so i’ll put up a link

please note the following link is extremely disturbing: https://imgur.com/a/X7qLRXa


yeah I did not like the narrator by the end of the video

this is hardly surprising

should I like. take the video down or something :grimacing:

If meauxdal hadn’t already provided the warning directly beneath, I would have suggested throwing that info in your post.

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im 0% surprised that rwhitegoose is a nazi. i am very creeped out that i was around that dude at marathons

2nd place on my first completed run


Within striking distance of the WR, nice! Are there other active players or have most moved on like the speedrun leaderboard activity seems to indicate?

zombieroboninja has said he may come back if I get WR, so we’ll see i guess!

i was actually ahead of WR throughout this run until the final boss fight, which i can save probably 45+ seconds on if executed perfectly


got it!

Jesus you’ve been running this game for what, like a month or something


GDQs’ increasing resemblance to NPR fundraising week isn’t great, but I’m awfully fond of their graphic design direction.

is the 237 the number of attempts?

i still don’t understand how these timer things work. do you have to do that manually or does it automatically register when you hit a certain goal?

237 is the number of times the timer has been started with the intent to finish the game (i didn’t run the timer while practicing). some fraction of those only lasted a few seconds and then were reset due to mucking up the opening input sequence, some died on the final boss. most somewhere in between. there are more detailed statistics available here if you’re interested: https://splits.io/49hw. according to this my total actual playtime while actively running was over 18 hours. probably 30 hours give or take a few total when you include learning the route, practice, a/b testing, and time between runs.

some games have something called an “autosplitter” for livesplit (the name of the application i’m using in these runs), but usually it’s restricted to PC games where some application can hook into memory to detect loading or whatnot and interface with livesplit. sometimes these programs automatically remove load times to level the field so that players who load games on an SSD aren’t advantaged over players who are loading from a spinning disk (or disc). it’s entirely on a per-game basis. for this game, and most console games, it’s entirely manual. i’m pressing a key on my keyboard for each time the split increments, including the last split. it’s possible to mess this up and have to retime it after the fact, but my timing was pretty good in this case.