Sonic Mania




so fully immersed in the retro aesthetic that they made sega turn on the pog factory again



this sucks

somebody has the capability of manufacturing POGs, probably on demand or at least in small batches

and i don’t have access to them


during the pog craze, you could buy pog-making machines, but i’m pretty sure they were crap.


it’s just die cut card stock?


you’re just die cut card stock

…I should look into getting somebody to make POGs for me again. Making my own was okay but the results were…less than stellar. The card stock I got was too thick, so it was hard to cut through without mangling the edges, plus my printer won’t print on glossy paper.


back snexploration on Patreon and we’ll send you a Super Famicom controller layout pog


literally thinking about making snexploration pogs for patrons tho


I wish the Sonic Mania update allowed progress to be saved after each act instead of after each whole zone. I rarely make any progress in this game because my attention/enjoyment usually wanes after 1.25 acts per session. And maybe I suck too much at Sonic, but spending over 15-20 minutes on platforming and special/bonus stages feels like a slog when I arrive at a zone 2 boss and lose all my lives immediately because I don’t understand what to do and then I get thrown back 2 acts.

Speaking of slogs, I was happy to hear that there is a sound test code for unlocking all the medals and extras because I’d like to play Puyo without first mastering Blue Sphere. But the update has now locked the level select/sound test screen behind 16 medals, so I’ll never get a chance to use the code.


Someone please tell me Flying Battery Zone is the worst zone. I was enjoying the heck out of this until I got to there, but now I’ve lost all my steam. I would also like to continue on the same act.


At least the BGM slaps.


flying battery is the worst zone (for length)


That is kind of a relief. I do like this game overall. I’ve only dabbled in sonic in the past, so I’m not that great at it though.



I have a strong reflexive dislike of using sprite rotation for the loop de loops


Yep that looks like Sonic fangame level design.


neat mod