Sonic Frontiers Thread (Hérissons Sans Frontières) [Sonic 06: The Trailer: The Game: Of The Wild]


I have so much respect for Takashi Iizuka’s boundless irrational ambition


as good as his archie/idw run has been this is pretty neat


unquenchable fricking


the First Open World Game that can ditch fast travel, because Sonic already is fast :smirk:


Why not I guess. At the very least it seems like you’ll be able to play around with physics in the open zones which is more than most entries since Adventure. Actually, the adventure field vibes might be doing enough to make me cautiously optimistic. Bring the spindash too.

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real talk, if they revisit the more severe inertial physics of classic sonics for this it could be genuinely hot shit
traversal can be fun if you make it mechanically non-trivial, see death stranding


sonic should be driven like a vehicle


I’m not seeing many bottomless pits which always baffled me as part of 3D Sonic when it’s so frustrating to watch him die and wait to reset.

Will I be able to stop running at the top of a loop and just stay there? The true 06 vibe must be preserved.


Sonic of the Colossus


So you’re joking but honestly, I could really see having a character who is very fun to control being a real breath of fresh air for an open-world game.


I was thinking just the other day about how the world seems ready for another take on Sonic RPG, and this is my punishment for being right


theres this indie game, exo one i think? that i was watching someone play and it really felt like one of those 3d sonic fan games that gives you a gian level that you can just launch yourself off a ramp and fly through (sonic robo blast 2). im hoping for something like that but maybe on a slower scale, i cant imagine going super fast without making the world super huge too.

im very excited for ian flynn’s sonic its the best sonic at least compared to what ive seen of the last few games (which were all written by the same guys i think?)

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exclusive leaked gamplay footage (TOP SECRET DO NOT SHARE)


I am watching myself enter the sonic cycle from a 3rd person perspective and I am powerless to stop it.

Here I go!!!

Im just really hoping they let sonic get up to actual insane speeds that are inappropriate for some areas.

  1. So you can just launch over a whole area you struggled with earlier and
  2. Because SOMEONE will be able to handle it and I wanna watch that speed run.

I’m also really hoping for Tails plane barn storming with another player as sonic on the wing.

Im gonna be so crushed!



Recreating the time travel thing from Sonic CD could be cool in this

(while we’re all coming up with our wishlists for this game)


what if it’s just a big hub world though

a hub world where you’re constantly being chased by an 18 wheeler


God I remember downloading this on my wii u. I vaguely remember it being better than the main game.

So after several rewatches and mulling on the trailer for a day, I can say that I’ve gone from cautiously optimistic to moderately optimistic. Someone already said it but the lack of bottomless pits seems to imply a new approach to level design that isn’t ‘racetrack course that occasionally has QTEs or floating platforms’. The open zones look very naturalistic in a way that make me think this will be a sonic game where the terrain informs your movement.

Inb4 they announce they’re bringing back lost world’s run button and wisps.

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