sonic containment protocol

Oh. Yeah. This is happening.

I’ve been following this channel for some time.

The revelation at the time stamp above is too powerful.

Team Chaotix are Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Roger, Colleen, and Cindy are out. Eggman still standing. Interest in Benjamin Tennyson?

Unverified reports out there of an “Adventure” title.

See enclosed

The Foundation has all of us in the field for the 30th. Big out.


legally a “hedgehog lore” game should have come out in 2003 immediately after adventure 2 to explain why shadow is a even a very fast hedgehog at all and how does that relate to sonic and the fact that the shadow’s actual game about his origins doesn’t do any of this is ridiculous this is the hill i will die on this is my version of “they should have made a desmond in the present” assassin’s creed


Gerald has a recreation of the Angel Island temple in the core of the Ark! The synthetic chaos enemies as well.

I suppose this is more Echidna lore but how does Sonic fit into this?

Just imagined a plot where Amy is secretly Princess Zelda and got preemptively disappointed, damn.


i would be 100% fine if gerald saw the weird echdina prophecy about a hedgehog savior like the one in the hidden palace zone and decided that it was up to him to create it. that would make the most sense. that’s basically the scene i wanted the games to have


Now imagining

Trailer opens

The truth about fifty years ago…

The TV show having a metaverse is encouraging


sll the sonic rumours recently sound too interesting to be believable. i hope i’m wrong and they’re all real though!

it seems at least that sega have realised that boring internet people are always going to hate sonic, and have stopped trying to chase them (seriously though why do those guys get so mad about sonic games having more than two characters in them?)

now, they just need to please me by teaming with koei to release sonic musou with dozens and dozens of playable characters


I see far more people mad about the opposite

I read “no boost” and I got real sad

also Sega, if you want female Sonic, Blaze is right there. I know you still think she exists, she was in Tokyo 2020


this is why it’s probably fake because it’s just a list of sonic adventure fan grievances



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the problem is less “Sonic has too many friends” and more “the friends they keep giving Sonic are terrible”

I feel like everyone past Cream or Blaze should probably get retconned out of existence

Silver? go hang out in the future

Zavok? go away asshole

the custom OC furry from Forces and Infinite? you can’t just break reality like that guys


Mining lesser known Sonic friends like the Harley Quinn cartoon would be great

I think Shadow is a dead end and rehabilitating Amy is the greatest opportunity

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guile voice, all guile-ty… sorry… i regret nothing…

Sir, it’s an honor o7

Hopefully the concerning SonAmi rumblings the tabloids calm down, it’s unbecoming

BD Joe, Ulala, Ryo, Nights, Samba (De Amigo) and Shinobi-guy hanging out should be Sonic Canon tbh, and whenever they’d go anywhere, they’d do an allstar-race in Luc Besson-fashion.

That’d make for a sonic series I’d watch…


the uk sonic the comic used to call its readers boomers (like sonic boomers)

i don’t hate shadow, but i think it would have been more interesting if he’d stayed dead after sonic adventure 2

other than that, the only sonic characters i’d erase would be the deadly 6 and that ghost chipmunk thing from unleashed (who is pretty much gone anyway). they keep bringing the deadly 6 back, but i don’t think anyone likes them outside of probably one sega exec who’s obsessed for some reason


I really only ever wanna play Sonic in a Sonic game.
“Characters” implies plot and thats fucking gross in a sonic game. I dont care about why the critter collects rings I care about the speed, level design and music.
I want one set of levels with how ever many mascots wanna run through them as long as they all do different stuff and shut the hell up.


okay, so we agree that Sonic Rush is the best modern game

good talk


I’ve heard the fairly compelling argument that one of the reasons why they keep getting brought back is because they’re some of the few modern antagonists who can be brought into multiple stories without them being the focus. Most of the others who could fill that role (the Hard-Boiled Heavies, the Hooligans) have been relegated to the Classic Sonic side of things. That’s really one thing Mario has been able to do well–develop a quite deep bench of baddies, many of whom can keep getting reused, even if they often aren’t.


Speaking of Mario, whenever people complain about Sonic having too many friends I think about Nintendo’s history of being stingy with regards how many playable characters they have in their Mario games, so we end up with stuff like a bunch of games where the 3rd and 4th player slots are dedicated to Generic Blue Toad and Generic Yellow Toad (no offense to non-generic Toads). It’s just super depressing to think about.

Please let Sonic keep his friends.