songs from yr childhood


my people can dance yo


costumes on point


this music video is the perfect acid dream americana filtered through 90s indian film music

there’s a part where prabhu deva levitates a cowboy hat with his crotch


this beat still bangs in 2017


indian music keeping me alive rn

very surprised more american artists dont sample indian music, apart from jay z collab with punjabi mc and timbaland jacking samples around the world w/o credit i can’t think of many

edit: oh yeah

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This video fukken bangs


you know listening to this song just reminds me of the deep literary tradition of tamil, even our pop music references it

pesadi rathiye rathiye, tamizhil vaarthaigal moonru laksham
neeyadi gadhiye gadhiye, rendu solladi kuraintha paksham

say something Rati, there’s 300,000 words in tamil
you’re my refuge, say two words at least

rep steve king out here talking about ‘what have those non-whites ever contributed to civilization’


re: samples, these soup songs will be stuck in my head forever


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re: samples, these soup songs will be stuck in my head forever

will never understand how this song became such a megahit lol. it catchy tho

soup boys of sweden =


there’s a translation of lyrics in the comments, adds a lot:


inferior dancing but superior songwriting for sure


this song kinda sucks imo but the first 30 secs are begging to be sampled in a trap song

this song my dad always used as his jokey example of the declining morality of the times
percussion is off the charts


this song is from 2000. the late 80s took a while to get to india


those synths would make a stupid good sample

this video actually a good example of early 2000s visions of america being sold to h1b visa aspirants in india. the land of milk honey and dancing white girls. lol

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My childhood in one song

I am at a loss to describe what sort of mood this song is for, I guess it’s pure wispy nostalgia for when you want to feel like your head’s submerged in cotton

there is no toe tapping here and groins and dancing have not been invented

I like yours better


i just realized that ‘ayyo pathikkichu’ is basically a literal translation of ‘oh shit it’s lit’



mods please move this out of the axe and into tune of the fatman

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pretty sure even some white ppl know of this song

‘dancing on trains’ is a genre that really needs to come stateside