So I'm Hosting A Movie, On Twitch, Like In A Few Hours

So, some of you know this already: for the past several months, I’ve presented films at a hipster arcade/event space/bar in Brooklyn, aka Wonderville, which obviously has not happened since it closed down to you know what.

Well, Cineville at Wonderville is back baby! Starting tonight… that’s April 27th, yup… at 9PM EST to be precise, and via Twitch of course. First up is IMHO the best real deal indie film produced in the US in the past 10 years that NO ONE knows about…

You can watch it here…

Oh, and if you can’t make it at 9 on the dot, there’ll be an encore showing, immediately afterwards, like at 10:30.

Also, here’s the deal: to be totally honest, it takes a CONSIDERABLE amount of time to negotiate with directors and all that jazz, to legally present their works, I would sincerely everyone tuning in! The stronger the view count, the easier it’ll be for me to obtain additional, fringe content. Oh, and tonight’s movie has a soundtrack from Keiichi Suzuki… you know, of Mother/EarthBound fame… FYI/BTW.


im about to sleep but this movie is great

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I’ve come in halfway through what i suspect is the encore, but this looks great and I’d totally seek it out if it’s available elsewhere or streamed again sometime.

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I liked this. It’s an extremely soothing movie.

It’s also incredibly bizarre and often goofy, but, in a way I found pleasant.

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Ah geez, I can’t believe I neglected to properly follow up on this thread…

So first of all, I’m glad some of you were able to tun into For The Plasma two months ago! And hopefully you also caught wind of how Cineville at Wonderville is a monthly thing, and alas, things have been so crazy that I completely neglected to mention last month’s movie…

But yeah, my Twitch streams take place on the last Monday of each month. And it just so happens that tomorrow, as of this writing, is the last Monday of June 2020. So the film this time is…

There’s a fair chance that some of you have seen The Lost Arcade, aka “that Chinatown Fair documentary”. If so, I think a second viewing is more than justified; I honestly believe this to be one of the absolute best documentaries on the subject of video games, and video game culture, ever produced for the big screen.

I mean, it scores MAJOR points in my book for being the lone documentary on the subject of video games that covers arcades yet DOES NOT include Billy fucking Mitchell, who manages to worm himself into every one of these types of productions. I wrote a review upon the film’s release ( that further explains my strong opinion for it.

At any rate, it’ll be livestreamed via Wonderville’s Twitch channel ( once again, tomorrow June 29, 9:00PM EST. With a repeat viewing immediately after, which I guess 10:20-ish? Oh, and last I heard, the director will be in attendance! Oh, I also CANNOT WAIT to discuss the following month’s very special presentation, which is to help mark Cineville at Wonderville’s one-year anniversary! But I’m getting ahead of myself now.