Shrinking from ATX to mini-ITX- should I go skylake?


there are some JS APIs like service workers (useful for offline support and caching) that webkit is way behind on.

basically google puts way more resources into this stuff, writes the standards, implements & ships first (often before any standard is finalized) and shares their work with no one. if this was MS, Apple, and Google all contributing to the same browser core and competing on UX and ancillary features (adblocking, fancy bookmarking schemes, etc) i’d be totally fine with it


Well, Google would be out when it came to adblocking,… OK, all but their own ads would be blocked, true - nevertheless, as long as it is “for free”, we won’t get rid of the arms race of blockers and tech against them.

Which is why i still cling on to firefox…


remember back in 2013 when apple was still talking to google and nvidia

that was nice



I love samsung so so much


why is the world like this


oh yeah as keyboards came up in haley’s laptop thread i remembered this


it’s cool that we’re getting to a place where there are 10 and 12 and 14TB consumer hard drives available (which are almost bottlenecked by sata 3, which rules, even if it’s obviously just for linear reads) but they are so expensive, like unless you can only fit a single drive in your use case it is not at all cost effective to get >4 in a single drive.


nothing below 12tb is enough for me anymore


I’m very heartened by storage dropping in price and cheap nVME controllers coming to market but also… it’s just going to keep getting cheaper lol

This ($80 nVME 512GB) is a no-brainer for folks who built systems with tiny OS drives in like 2013-2015, though.


I still haven’t had a need for an OS drive bigger than 256g but if you’re stuck on something smaller than that and actually have an M2 slot then heck yeah

(relatedly this was why I was glad to find that there’s widely available mSATA 1GB Samsung drives on eBay for like $200 now, I was sick of being the last one to load the match with ultra textures on in siege and that’s pushing the limit of what I’d be willing to spend on storage, was my only open slot of any kind, and couldn’t previously justify having games on SSD space.)


the reason I was excited to see such high linear read speeds on these 12G drives is because my mSATA slot is already only SATA3 and I can’t see that needing to be faster for games so I can see a future where I move them back onto a spinning drive


I love that being the slowest loader is a thing. I haven’t felt the need because I’m usually the first to spawn in Destiny but the prospect of having an SSD big enough to not “manage” is tempting once prices get to a no-compromise position.