Shoegaze Music 🌜🌜🌜

I’m no authority on this genre, but I’ve been listening to it fairly regularly since a friend introduced me to it several years ago. This was among the first songs that jumped out at me and made me want to explore the genre more.

It’s kind of odd to be able to post a link like this because after releasing this album and a handful of other songs, Cosmicdust (who is from Japan) kind of disappeared. And then reappeared (was tracked down?) in 2021 for an “official” release of this album and a promise of more music to come.

Although the above song caught my interest, it’s not what I’d start someone on who is even less familiar with the genre than I am. For that, I’d go to Resplandor, from Peru. Probably something from this album:

Or maybe this song, which is a cover and I’m not sure it fully fits within the shoegaze category, but that doesn’t matter because I can’t get enough of it.

I think I once posted this Rumskib song in another thread, but it’s a favorite.

The friend who introduced me to the genre (and all of the above groups plus some others that didn’t grab me in the same way) died a couple years ago, and I think that gives the songs additional poignancy for me.

I don’t know a whole lot beyond these, actually. But there’s another genre I don’t even have a name for that I kind of put in the same category. More on that later, maybe.


idk if the first song counts tbh i was just gonna post it in song of the moment

( slowdive is my fav shoegaze band my b )


best genre


Obligatory mention of the obvious “canonical” shoegaze album Loveless (which I do love):

Also, here’s a rare upbeat and fun shoegaze album from a Japanese band:


related i’m kinda looking forward to this


i think @rye tweeted a bunch of japanese shoegaze a couple years ago and through that thread i got totally obsessed with yuragi. this is great “emotional catharsis in the bath” record



I am awful at genres but this is at least shoegaze adjacent once it gets going.


There’s an Estonian shoegaze band called Pia Fraus that I listen to sometimes.

I created a playlist of everything in this thread. I like several of the things I’ve heard so far, especially


as promised here are, in no particular order, some of ~miffy’s essential/fav shoegaze albums~


no joy — more faithful

i’ve seen them twice and both times jasamine literally did not look up from the floor or address the audience once, it rocked

drop nineteens — delaware

they announced in january that they’re back together and are working on a new album which is like, a kind of common story now after like duster and slowdive and stereolab and idk how many other bands have all done that over the past few years but it’s still just crazy. also, iconic album cover

pale saints — in ribbons

important 4AD band, see also their cover of nancy sinatra’s kinky love, if you listen to any song in this post it actually should be that one honestly

swirlies — blonder tongue audio baton

lots of weird guitar tunings and tape samples and static and lyrics that read like a dream journal, see also their 1996 album salons

lush — split

important 4AD band, see also their 1990 compilation gala

my bloody valentine — loveless

needs no introduction, consider starting here

sweet trip — velocity: design: comfort.

as important as loveless probably, consider starting here

pia fraus — nature heart software

wourme beat me to it but just to add to that

tanukichan — sundays

fun fact this was produced by the toro y moi guy. please hannah please release another tanukichan album please please ple

slowdive — souvlaki

sort of a slowcore neighbor to duster and galaxie 500 as much as it is shoegaze, consider starting here

loveliescrushing — bloweyelashwish

it’s like if my bloody valentine totally abandoned any structural interest and instead devoted themselves completely to their already substantial textural interest

luminous orange — drop you vivid colours

eska beat me to it but just to add to that

lucid express — lucid express

debut record of a newer band from hong kong, one of the best shoegaze/dreampop releases in the past few years bar none all rippers no skippers front to back

for tracy hyde — he(r)art

gauzy twee power pop

・・・・・・・・・ — blank

dots was a short lived alt-idol group with a really bizarre concept even by alt-idol standards that got really popular before it abruptly ended in 2019. it’s very funny and kinda rocks watching videos of their performances and hearing people do the calls and mix and stuff to a shoegaze song. also the actual music genuinely rocks, notably for tracy hyde contributed material among others

ray — green

ray is sort of the successor to dots, afaik at least one former dots member is in ray and i think they’re under the same management that dots was? also for tracy hyde has contributed material to ray too, and even did like a split single with them this year, also apparently ringo deathstarr has also contributed material which is really funny to me because they’re sort of local and i have a tiny amount of gossip about them. anyways all of that is to say that the music is very good and ray is one of the most miffy things ever probably

blue smiley — return

take the guitars and put them underwater


there’s lots lots more but i’ll stop here for now, also can this thread be the dreampop thread too


My modest claim to fame is having studied
with the drummer from Slowdive at university.

He was good at MaxMSP and helped me out once. Solid guy.


Is dreampop things like this? That’s what I’ve always assumed. (If so, I like it and would like hear more.)

(Also, if you’re asking me, I give blanket permission to turn any thread I create into whatever.)


Thanks. That’s informative.

Here’s something I stumbled upon years ago, and I’m not sure what to call it. Noisy lo-fi-ish “beach” music. I find it kind of haunting and it reminds me of shoegaze (though I found it before I had heard of shoegaze).

I tracked down other music by some of the groups in this compilation. I particularly like Sun Sister. I read somewhere that they had a few additional songs not released anywhere so I contacted them on social media and they sent me those songs. They also have a great description that I hope never changes.


And I see someone tagged them as dreampop.


ar kane are so fucking good


i have spent years trying to remember this band. thank you and @miffy !


my personal favorite cut from My Bloody Valentine:

japanese dream pop icons kinoko teikoku:

and likewise, Mass of the Fermenting Dregs:

this one isn’t even a witty cut it just is good:

everyone lost their shit over this album when it came out, and i have to admit i also like it. metal bringing in a lot of shoegaze influence, but with the double-edged sword that a lot of people i know were first introduced to the idea of shoegaze through this and just kinda assumed that the genre was all like this and also a recent development in music? it’s still good tho:


oh hey i listened to this last night


a.r. kane never made a tune i like more than their bandname, what a great band name