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I still use tumblr. It’s all right. But I didn’t do adult stuff and the porn ban seemed pretty predictable really so selfishly I suppose it didn’t bother me much. Hm I suppose there was a phase there where tumblr was robo-flagging some of my ancient and hilariously non-adult posts as adult but eh they sorted that out eventually.

I’m still on deviantART but it’s just more bother adding art there than via just about anything else.

oh how so? i don’t remember posting being an issue when i was there.

dA? Ah there’s just more stuff to fill out when posting something, it feels like. I dunno maybe I was overthinking it.

But also dA is like this is IMPORTANT it’s gonna be in your GALLERY it’s like a PERMANENT ART DISPLAY man (this may be another aspect of me overthinking it) whereas tumblr feels more like, just throw stuff up there, what the hey.

Oh yeah also people on dA keep giving me llama badges or something I don’t think I want; I see real llamas at the farm next to the park every other day, they’re actually real chilled out and don’t keep throwing themselves at me DEVIANTART. That is not what llamas do. = p

oh yeah that’s true hey. i fucken forgot about the god damn llama badges jesus christ. hm, sounds like tumblr is maybe a goer.

updated my webcomic


There are some sbers But do you Tumblr there : )

I dig that space ship : )

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i binged your comic last night and today, and i gotta say it’s some really good stuff


woah holy shit, that is a compliment. thank you!

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I dunno if I just had a moment of drawing clarity or if pulling out my decade old glasses made my hand more sure of things


Trying to do a cool space restaurant or something ; )


very cool


that reaaly rules

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I love it!

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I started up in-person figure drawing again

I really missed it!!


finally pulling everything i’ve been working out from studies this year together with shapier stuff like i like to draw. but then also had to do a few cutesy doodles


i have updated my webcomic. ripping off a certain Star Trek movie to retcon why a character disappeared for like 2 years because I wasn’t doing the webcomic



It’s the year 199X. And … uh … this living disaster lives in your dumpster? … Also sells the best shit on the block, though.

Oh and I guess ze might be a werewolf or something


Another figure drawing session tonight

The class was mostly about drawing white walls