selectbutton 85 pt. 23: semifinals

current bracket here:

outrun 2 vs. doom / doom ii! it may seem unfair that outrun 2 goes against 2 games but imo outrun 2 as an entrant also includes outrun 2 sp, outrun 2006 coast to coast, etc. so really the dooms are at a disadvantage here


  • outrun 2
  • doom / doom ii

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about 3 days to vote for the 3rd place game! the winner will face katamari damacy in the ~final matchup~


voting for outrun 2 to the top bc that is one of the games that has brought me the absolute most joy in life and it really constitutes the ultimate refinement of the ~arcade racer~ (as epitomized by am2’s ludography) in terms of wonderful handling imo. plus one time i played it on a day as a teenager when i felt incredibly sad and it made me feel actual happiness


Grit will prevail

i know ive already discussed this but what games would ppl list next time we do this that they didnt this time? maybe id list death stranding as my kojima pick, hopefully ive played pathologic 2 and armored core for answer by then, also really want a shmup - battle garegga is the one i think i enjoy playing most but dodonpachi is so good too - maybe ibara as the middle ground between the two?

what about formats? the double elimination format is certainly Ponderous but i and others def have had time to spare lately… maybe a simple sight & sound esque poll next time? its fun to think about!!! Lets do it again!

I think having a rule against like… the top 15 or 10 or 20 games entering next time is a nice idea

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I choose labyrinths over laps. Mazes over motorways. Secrets over scores.

I trust a trail of corpses more than I trust a trail of hearts.


I checked my old nominations and I did indeed have Space Harrier on there—so I’m really walking the walk here. Space Harrier is better than Outrun, and Outrun 1 is better than Outrun 2 (and Outrunners is the true Outrun 2).

Gotta go with Doom.

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I say none of the Top 64 (85) should be in the running next time around. Get weirder. And taking out The Most Popular Games Even Among SB allows that.

And still sad ZeroRanger didn’t make the bracket. That’s the new classic I should have campaigned more for.


I did manage to get TGM2+ into this list and hopefully that inspired a couple of posters to do co-op Tetris.

Wait can we do co-op tetris with fightcade?


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My next list will definitely have Night Stalker (Intellivision) and Catacomb 3D (DOS) or similar 3d maze game.


Or maybe go so far as to disqualify anything that made it past the nomination phase. In fact, it might be interesting and relatively easy to just pull a second list from the same nominations, starting with the first one that didn’t make the cut last time. Or is that too boring?

Looks like five of us nominated Space Harrier back then.


wow its been almost a year since we started this!!! maybe we could omit everything from 64th place on up next time? i think the double L stuff should get another chance at least. who knows idk it might be a good idea to wait til 2022 to do another one of these, let people Think and Feel about it. purely theoretical at this point… i am Totally gonna start an sb movies list after this tho lmaoooo sorry its Fun.

still figuring out how to handle the potential bracket reset here - thinking that instead of a vote we could dooooo idk rather than a 2nd round of voting, voting for the quality of people’s posts about those games.

it’ll be interesting to see how the final list compares to the number of nominations. the honorable mentions starts at 6 nominations, all stuff that would have made it in with 1 more


Outrun 2 because I enjoy Doom but Outrun 2 is by far the more interesting option and for it to come this far feels like a duty to play.

I think renomming with the caveat that greatest hits are off the table might skew noms to be on the weird side. As always it’s a tug between personal and democratic picks.

All games that received more than one nomination are removed from the list - all weirdos mode

that means that The Soundtrack To Kingsway would have a second chance. One day I will convert at least one other person.


I love both of those games!!!

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here is the list as it stands currently!


Can’t wait to see my beloved Soleil get matched up with some Cave shooter or the like and get completely demolished with just one vote (mine)


I voted for Doom even though I’ve barely played it as it didn’t kill my beloved Souls games.

When you think about it the nightmare of Mensis is “avoid the UFOs!”

This has always been my position but the nominations would fall way too easily into degenerate strategic thinking. Gotta fool people into giving regular nominations and then tell them about the rule afterwards

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