Select Button Photography Club: Open Thread



Since I haven’t been very good about keeping this up after the first thread, it might be fun to have a perpetual non-themed thread the way we did in old SB. We can still do themed threads as well, of course.

I’ll start with a photo that I took recently of the inside of my Commodore 64 computer. I’ve had it since I was about twelve years old, and it was still in working condition (I think) until it was ruined in a flood in 2016.

So I took it apart, threw away the innards, and cleaned the case. It’s now sitting on my shelf. I took several photos of the circuitry and things, and I especially liked these colorful wire casings.

I also had the idea of connecting the power light to a battery so that it would stay on all the time. So I grabbed a 9-volt battery and touched the wires to it. And you may have already guessed that it lit up only for a second. I realized too late that I had not been wise in my battery choice.

The light was a standard size, so I figured it would be easy to get another one. Since Radio Shack no longer exists, I looked online. All I could find were large packs, and I only needed one. I called a neighbor who I suspected would have some. And he did, in several colors. He also had resistors. I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I still plan to follow through with my light project. Maybe even today, now that I’m thinking about it again.

(Note: A boring story is not required to post a photo in this thread.)


i actually have a film camera now! so of course i’m going to obsessively use it with my cats


here’s an actual photo from fort mason of a building i liked


I went to Ludlow Castle last year.


one more obligatory fort mason photo


Las Vegas is actually the most cyberpunk city


las vegas is so strange!


Something I like to do is take a photo in the dark with no flash and then increase the contrast on it. Here is one such photo from a few months ago of an opossum in my yard.



Did we mess up by not calling this thread Buttography



here’s old mate


Search [BOTTLE].






No, they never made them like this! This guy was either a certified genius or an authentic wacko.


I snipped a piece of a darkroom filter and taped it to my phone’s camera.


went to chicago for the first time in five years to get chinese married

i felt a lot of things. mostly i felt, a lot

i am probably overly sentimental about my grandma’s house but it just means a lot to me